ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018


@Caosred at the home page you must find the BOM topic. Here’s a screen shot of it.
Now you have to find the month that’s open for submissions.
The Dec. BOM is open for submissions just make sure you don’t tag anyone until the voting starts.


The December BOM is here

Look at the top of the page, under the title, see where it says “Members Lounge” and “Bud of the Month” Click on Bud of the Month and it will bring you to the sub-category. Also it is pinned to the top of the entire site if you click the three lines to the left of your avatar and click on categories!



Ok thanks heaps to easy


That would not solve the resolution issue with some of the pictures. If you zip a blurry image, then you will unzip a blurry image. Comprtnde? LOL

And; The calendars will be for sale. I am not making a shoddy Calendar off some template, I am using a professional company in order to produce a quality Calendar for all to be proud of; And, it ain’t cheap. :slight_smile:


Nope. We are not going to have a bud of the year. All winners are posted on 3 of our social accounts, FB etc.

OK. Before anyone gets carried away. Please use this chat thread to enjoy the entries and talk about whatever.

Do not scheme up new rules or anything that would force amending the contest. The contest is what it is and will remain the same. Thank you.

Staff can advise you in regards to the contest but, I run the contest and set the rules. Any inquiry should go through me but, I just stated; I do not want to be bothered with ideas for new rules. Only contact me if you think someone is cheating or if someone enters an ineligible plant.

Happy growing :smiley:

Read the rules! :slight_smile:


Here’s a little Christmas Bud Porn (Green Crack)

December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


The rues are up above on this topic!


I used the same bud for the Dec. BOM but without the scenery.


I like what you did with the background. Makes the bud look like a Christmas Tree! hahaha nicely done.


Christmas cards? lol


oh I don’t know if we are quite there yet, LOL

I like that thinking though!


@MAXHeadRoom I’m replying here to help keep the contest thread clean of chatter making it easier for latewood to figure out the winner. Yes I have two Quantum boards running two 1000 watt bulbs in a 10X5 grow room.


I took this picture this morning of the Green Crack. Today is the first day of flush so another week to go.

A little sugar on your bud.


It’d the 22nd where I live. Can I vote yet? Or is there an official vote opening post?


They will announce open voting but in the actual contest thread. This is a chat room for the bud of the month


First off Thanks for not posting this into the BOM thread. This is the place where you should ask questions. @latewood has been very busy and just probably hasn’t had time to announce the start. I would think that if you voted after midnight tonight that your vote would count but only latewood can answer that.


We all have more important stuff to do, 2 days before Christmas, to worry about the BOM lol.

@latewood, enjoy your holidays and we will all be here next week, I mean year haha!

December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest

I thought I’d throw this out there for those who want to enter the contest but don’t have your order number or can’t find it. First off don’t contact anyone asking to look up your number. If you didn’t open an account when you ordered seeds then go and do that now. Once you’ve created an account you’ll have access to your past orders with order numbers. I thought that if I ordered seeds then I had opened an account but this is not true. I hope this helps someone get to enter the BOM contest. I’d like to thank @Rugar89 for posting the info on the Dec. BOM thread.


dec bom was a super tough choice as always,you guys and gals rock!!!
dr.evil will see you in feb…muhahaha


Here’s a little Bud Porn from the same plant I have entered in the Dec. BOM