ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018

This is a needed area where we can talk, post pictures and tag members about the BOM contest. Hopefully this will keep the tags down to a minimum so @latewood doesn’t have to weed through the submissions. (pun intended). I’m looking forward to seeing a Calendar of the winners photos. Here’s a copy of the rules again for those who don’t know. Good luck to everyone who enters as you are all winners.

To enter: You must show a picture of a bud image from a plant grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seed bank.

Make a post in the current “Bud” of the month Contest, by the 21st of the month. Post the name of the ILGM strain you are growing, or have grown. Upload a great picture of your plant buds, and provide your order confirmation #, under the picture.

Voting will start at Midnight of the 21st/22nd. All members, and Staff are allowed to enter and vote. We will vote by making a reply, “@Member”, for the “Bud” we love. To vote; (You place an @ symbol before members name (ex. @latewood). Votes without the @ symbol will not be counted.

The “Bud” of the Month winner will receive a packet of 5 seeds from the ILGM Seed bank. Any strain.
All prizes will be handled and ordered by “latewood”. Never for any reason, contact ILGM Customer Support regarding your prize. All Q and A regarding contest should be directed @latewood. Period

You cannot win 2 months in a row. If you win, then you have to wait one month to enter again. If you win a 2nd time, you must wait 2 months to enter again. If you win a 3rd time; You are retired to the BOM Hall of Fame (yet to be created) I think this is fair and a member can still win multiple times.

4a. In order to re-enter ILGM Bud of the month contest; Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

We cannot wait to see all the great pictures of your successful grows using Robert’s Seeds! :smiley: I plan on trying to make a Calendar of all the monthly winning 'Buds"

Contest Organizer, Judge: latewood
Prize sponsored by ILGM seedbank

Have a great day as always; Happy growing! lw :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to mention and link this from the garden as well @NTMAREMACH

Good deal! It is needed!


I was glad to let you start this. Now, you can watch over it. :slight_smile:
Everyone needs to make sure and try to downsize pictures if adding more than 1.

Also; I have started the Calendar; However, Some of the pictures were downsized for uploading to ILGM, and are 2 low of quality (resolution), and I had to stop.

So; All winners are welcome to upload the original image of your BOM, unedited, not downsized. In fact; It might be necessary to convert them to _pdf format or _psd format before we can get a quality Calendar made. No sense in providing a Calendar with blurry :flushed: images.


What Months do you need and one of us can track them down for you and see if they have better pics.


Here’s a list of the winners since the start which was in Sept.2016. Feb.2017 contained two winners.
Sept.- hillcrest21678

Oct.- FyshhTrap

Nov.- Oldstoner

Dec.- Code420tv

Jan.- Hogmaster

Feb.- Savingpvtviper

Feb.- kabongster

Mar.- fromanoc

Apr.- maxlarge

May- Hogmaster

June- ntmaremach

July- Ragnar

Aug.- ntmaremach

Sept.- bob31

Oct.- Willd

Nov.- laurap
Dec - MAXHeadRoom


Are we voting for bud of the year out of those for the winner to be first inductee into the “Hall of Flame”? I’d like to know which strains they are also if that’s possible @NTMAREMACH , maybe an edit? I’m not trying to bust your balls, but I think it would be a great advertisement for ILGM and those strains in particular. Thx keep up the good work. Everybody loves bud porn lol


@Powaforce The Hall of Fame is reserved for the people who have three BOM wins which is the limit of wins you can have. I’ll be editing with stain and tags shortly.



Why not do the calendar then zip it up and upload the zip file to be downloaded by who ever wants it. Problem solved


Thanks! This is a great idea! Cant wait to see one of my buds in there. I agree EVERYONE LOVES BUD PORN! :):thinking: hmmm


Man, that is the most beautiful gallery you can imagine…
View to remember :wink::wink:
Thanks a lot for putting it together…
I think we should keep this gallery and just keep adding the winners…
But porn at its best :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sounds wicked but I’m bit confused about were and how i enter in the competition?? Sorry people im not the best at this computer thing


@Caosred at the home page you must find the BOM topic. Here’s a screen shot of it.
Now you have to find the month that’s open for submissions.
The Dec. BOM is open for submissions just make sure you don’t tag anyone until the voting starts.

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The December BOM is here

Look at the top of the page, under the title, see where it says “Members Lounge” and “Bud of the Month” Click on Bud of the Month and it will bring you to the sub-category. Also it is pinned to the top of the entire site if you click the three lines to the left of your avatar and click on categories!



Ok thanks heaps to easy

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That would not solve the resolution issue with some of the pictures. If you zip a blurry image, then you will unzip a blurry image. Comprtnde? LOL

And; The calendars will be for sale. I am not making a shoddy Calendar off some template, I am using a professional company in order to produce a quality Calendar for all to be proud of; And, it ain’t cheap. :slight_smile:


Nope. We are not going to have a bud of the year. All winners are posted on 3 of our social accounts, FB etc.

OK. Before anyone gets carried away. Please use this chat thread to enjoy the entries and talk about whatever.

Do not scheme up new rules or anything that would force amending the contest. The contest is what it is and will remain the same. Thank you.

Staff can advise you in regards to the contest but, I run the contest and set the rules. Any inquiry should go through me but, I just stated; I do not want to be bothered with ideas for new rules. Only contact me if you think someone is cheating or if someone enters an ineligible plant.

Happy growing :smiley:

Read the rules! :slight_smile:


Here’s a little Christmas Bud Porn (Green Crack)



The rues are up above on this topic!

I used the same bud for the Dec. BOM but without the scenery.


I like what you did with the background. Makes the bud look like a Christmas Tree! hahaha nicely done.