ILGM Brucebanner hermaphrodites

Has anyone grown out brucebanner?

I have two in my tent and both look like they have.

I have personally kept my last few hermaphrodites to seed them. Make sure you have a good enough pheno that’s worth it, and then make sure they are far enough away so they don’t pollinate your female’s. I’ve had very good luck with a white rhino plant and a purple kush plant like this. I’ve sprouted 6 of my white rhino seeds this round, and they are all females fortunately! Good luck, and I hope this helps. If you don’t care about seeds, I’d toss them.

One other thing too! I didn’t notice any male flowers until week 5 or so into flowering. What week are you into? Looks pretty early still? Might end up with a lot of male flowers and not buds? This is a newer area for me I’m trying to get a lock on. Trying to produce my own strain eventually.

Def male and female flowers.
Have you checked for any light leaks or had any light cycle interruptions ?

@Oldguy @Landmaster247 I think they’re in week 4 I’ll have to check later tonight. I lollipopped these 2 at 21 days into flower and I’m beginning to think I just stressed them out. My light cycle is 9am to 9pm constantly and my temps/ humidity are all in check.

I think I caught them early enough to get all the balls off. I checked this morning and I dont see anymore so hopefully I saved them

Have you sat in your dark empty tent with room lights on for 20 minutes, because that’s the surefire way to check for light leaks? You do that without looking at your phone, and you’ll see even the smallest leaks.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. One of the flowers looks like it opened, which probably means it spread pollen. If you wash the plants in the shower and wipe down the tent & equipment with a damp rag, you can prevent further damage. I suspect that the plants will continue to produce male flowers though.

@KeystoneCops I 've grown cannatonic in the tent without any issues but no I have not sat in the tent in full darkness. I’m really beginning to think it was because of lollipopping it so late. I meant to do it before I flipped them but ran out of time and thru them in the flower tent before I was leaving for vacation.

Is it more likely to be light leaks or stress from the heavy defoliation?

You can eliminate one of those if you confirm the tent is light-tight. Cannatonic might be less sensitive, or something happened between grows.

Sometimes it just happens. Out of 16 plants last time, I got one hermi! Two grows earlier I had one out of 12. I was growing exactly the room, temp, nutrients etc… If you have another tent or room to keep growing them, I say go for it. I’ve came up with some great seeds/plants this way for free lol. Make sure they are 100% separated though. Even removing all the male flowers hasn’t helped for me. I always get some male flowers coming back no matter what I’ve tried. My neighbors always fuck me over on my outdoor every year for this reason. They have a 20 acre farm and aren’t diligent enough to check for these traits. Curious to see how this works out for you? Good luck

@Landmaster247 I have 1 cannatonic that is almost finished (week 9) and 3 other smaller ones the brucebanner and another cannatonic clone from the first one. If they get seeded then so be it at this point. I’d rather get something than nothing and I imagine I can just make a bunch oil out of it. If I get a crossbreed between the 2 I’d bet no one has that strain yet… I dont have another tent to put them in just a veg and flower.

@KeystoneCops what happens in the wild when the moon is out? Isnt that similar to a light leak?

I suspect its irregular light leaks that messes with them since everyday its 100% then 5% repeating they are used to it and feels natural to the plants schedule

Yeah, that’s a good plan. I just used my last hermi in my 20 gallon hash washing machine. Came up with about 14.6 grams off of that one plant. I make rso sometimes too. You’ll have future seeds and won’t loose out your plants. Like everyone is saying on here though if it’s consistent, it’s probably minimal light leaks? Also I’ve read that when a certain plant is used to reproduce seeds/clones through to many cycles, this can become an issue. I think it affects the genetics? Not sure if I worded that correctly?

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The moon reflects around 8-12% of the sun’s rays, so I think being reflective light not direct had something to do with it. Not sure on the spectrum of light it puts out either? Good question though? I’ve never had any issues outdoor besides my damn neighbors lol.

The moon is ~ 1/400,000 as bright as the sun.

That leads into my theory about why moonlight and even street lamps won’t affect outdoor plants. It’s about the disparity between light intensities. Indoors, our lights are [usually] relatively weak compared to the sun. But they aren’t that much weaker than the typical room light. That’s the theory I like, although I don’t have empirical data to support it.

If you want to avoid light leak issues, eliminate the light leaks. Cover over LED power indicators, or move them out of the tent. Don’t tempt fate.

And outdoors, use the inverse square law to your advantage. Keep your plants as far from nighttime lights as possible, even if you’re using light deprivation. Each time you double the distance between light source and plant, you reduce the light intensity by 4x.

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@Landmaster247 These were the very first 2 seeds I sprouted from ILGM so I’m kinda of Leary about using the rest of the Bruce Banner. Im thinking its something I did and not genetics but dont they generally use hermaphrodites to make feminized seeds.

@KeystoneCops Makes complete sense. I’ll make sure I’m light tight on the next one. Guess it doesn’t much matter with these girls at this point. If I use tweezers to continuously pull off the nanners every few days will that significantly help with my yield. These buds are super sticky and look like they are bulking up a bit. I only saw a couple open flowers on the bottom and I put all my fans up above for circulation not directly pointed on the plants anymore. I even noticed where they opened the pollen dropped on the leaves below like it hadn’t had a chance to be blown around In the tent.

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Unfortunately pollen spores are 50 microns in diameter and each sac releases hundreds of thousands. I’d prepare for the worst case scenario.

But also, I smoked plenty of seeded flower in my youth. It’s not the end of the world.