ILGM Bruce Banner Auto Happy 4/20

Nice job fellas, although half the seeds damped off. Probably me, test grow after 40 years. Early hydro adopter…was too successful for NY at that time…did not want to go to jail.


Welcome to the community, it’s a great place. Also good job they look good for first time. I have a BB auto going aswell maybe chopping her down next few weeks. Didn’t get as many bud sites as you did. Great job and welcome again


Welcome @thynk3r
Your a bit of a victim of the 420 effect.
So many posters your topic moved down the list quickly.
Keep posting pics and followers will show up.

hehe thats all cool, I was just saying thanks for the beans to the guys here happy 420 to all!

check out my ig @orionsgarden just starting out! cheers!

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:

Welcome to the community. Nice looking lady.