ILGM blueberry sprouts with funny looking leaves. Nute burn or defficiency?

Hi everyone,

I’m a first time grower. I have 3 blueberry kush feminized sprouts about a week and a half old. They’re growing in coco coir under 6 40watt 6400k cfl lights.

Temps are btw 24C and 28C, humidity is btw 35% - 40%.

My water source is from a borehole with +50ppm. I feed them with 2ml of floranova grow mixed with 4 litres of water. I also add 2ml of plant magic (magne-cal) to the solution. My nute solution Ph is btw 5.5 and 6.0. I water once a day with ordinary water of PH 5.5 - 6.0 and i feed them every other day.

On day 10 began to notice some brownish patches on the tip of the leaves of one plant and on the side and centre of another. I also noticed purple coloration on at the upper part of the stem (btw the first and second node).

The leaves also have some kind of 3D look to the surface. They have grooves that run over the veins making it look somewhat wrinkled.

Can anybody please help me examine the pictures and tell me they think about my plants.

They are looking over watered… you might be a little strong on the nutrients at this point …a lot of people would say you shouldn’t even give nutrients… but then again you’re in Coco coir so maybe just a tad because there is no nutrients in coco coir …but I think the main problem is over-watering which is probably throwing your pH out of whack …so you really have to find out what your pH is in your runoff water to kind of get a good idea of what’s going on in the root Zone …but my best guess would be your over-watering and it’s throwing your pH out of whack and might be a little heavy on the nutrients this early in the stage of life for the plant… somebody else will be here to chime in on this topic…



I’m not too sure because I can’t see a support ticket :sunglasses:Ha jkjk. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1::v:

Also your humidity is about half what it should be, it is drying out the plants too quick so your probably watering more frequently. so now yor soil is too moist all the time…I’d bump the humidity up to 70-80% for young plants and veg time. And use very little amounts of pain ph water 6.5

Try touching the soil with your finger and go as deep as your first knuckle, and if it feels wet then leave it.

Hope I could help :v:️:+1:


Well said but remember its coco so ph at 5.8 not 6.5 :smiley:


Yeah! thanks @BondPacker I just mixed a new nute solution with half the strength of what i used previously. My new PH is btw 5.5 and 6.0. I’ll be feeding every 3 days and I’ll see how the plants respond.

So I decided the verdict was nutrient burn due to irregular PH levels. I went back to the lab so to speak and brewed a much lighter solution I think the plants will love. PH was at 5.5.

I fed them yesterday with my new solution of PH 5.5 but when I checked the PH of the run-off it was 7.0. I watered today with ordinary water of PH 5.5 and the run-off was still 7.0. I brought my nute solution PH to coco’s barest minimum requirement of 5.5 to counter the effect of the high 7.0 PH run-off.

Any advice on what my next step should be?

Hello everyone.

Just thought I should give you guys a little update on my grow. They are just over 2 weeks old now. Been feeding them every 3 days with flora nova grow. Here’s what they look like now.


Looking good :blush:

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Hey growers!

I just thought I should post another update of my ladies. They seem really happy now. Although I noticed they’re not as green as they should be. I’ve decided to switch from feeding every 3 days to every 2 days now. I guess they should be able to withstand the nute solution now that they have more leaves. They’re 3 weeks old now.

I have a quick question though, I use floravova grow nute. After mixing my nute solution, for how long can I keep it without it loosing its quality. Or better yet how do I preserve it and how long will it last for?

Thanks guys.

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The plants are four weeks old today and are happy in their one gallon pots. Did some pruning too.



The third plant was F.I.M.ed. Y’all can tell me what you think about my progress so far. Ideas, contributions and questions are welcome.

@garrigan62 hi! I just saw your thread on the mainline technique. You grew super skunk, og kush and northern lights. I think I’ll need your help in my current grow. I just did my first topping last night at the fourth node cos my plants seemed so little. They were six nodes tall and exactly 4 weeks from germination when I topped them. I’ll try to learn from your mistakes. But your thread didnt cover the flowering period of your grow. How was your yield? Did the mainline technique prove effective? Thanks.


Thank you and yes I remember…I became ill and didn’t finish the tread. But the out come was awesome.
I would be more than happy to share my notes with you.

One of my mistakes I made…you just did…you started to soon…no worries they will be fine bit the draw back is…they’ll need time to recover before you translate to their final grow pot.
Now I’m going to tell you what you’ll need.

1.) Bat guno

2.) Worm casting

3.) Soil with no nutrients ( if posibale )

Correct me if I’m wrong…you have three plants ?

You can get this stuff at amazon I’ll find my links for ya.
The soil-less soil you will make will make your plant grow like your a pro…its what I use.
Here are two pic’ using the same ingredients.
they at white widow clones in thir second week of flower

if you can blow the pic’s up you’ll se how nice they really are



Yes, you are right. I’ve got 3 plants in a 2ftx6ftx7ft space growing in coco coir. Each growing under 6 x 40watts 6400k cfls. I intend to flower with 2 x 250watts HPS lights. I use General Hydroponics Floranova grow and bloom. I’ve never grown in soil or used organic fertilizers before. Infact I’ve got very little knowledge of any of that. Thanks for your help. No info is too much. :+1:

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Hi guys!

My plants are 5 weeks old today. I already topped them in prep for my mainline technique. The ladies seemed to be growing well until 3 days ago. I began to notice small brown spots that look like small splashes of mud. I noticed the spots yesterday and 24 hours later I could tell they got bigger. Some leaves seem to have the brown coloration along the edges of the leaves. Each plant has four fan leaves on the lower nodes from where they were topped. They also don’t seem to be as green as they were when they about 2 weeks old.

The new leaves at the top of the plants seem to be even less greener than the older leaves. I don’t know if its a calcium or potassium deficiency. My run off PH has always been around 7.5. I flushed several time during this grow and kept feeding with PH 5.5 - 5.8 but it didn’t change so I let it be since it didn’t have any negative effect on the plants.

Any tips on how to reduce the PH of my root environment will be much appreciated. Please guys safe my plants.

Here are some pics of what the plants look like now and close ups on the leaves.

Week 5

This one has always been they least developed since they were seedlings. It also seems to be the most affected by the brown spots.

This one is the biggest of the 3 and seems to be least affected. But when you closely you can tell she affected too.

This is the mid-sized one among the 3. Its affected too.

@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz @Oldstoner @dibbz @Bobbyb

I hope I’m not a bother. I’m just a grower try to do the best for his precious plants.

Maybe a lil nute burn. Would wait til someone with more knowledge chimes in. Just my guess lets see what @Majiktoker has to say. He seems real keen on things has helped me a bunch already

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I thoought so too but then again the leaves should be a little greener before burn occurs right? Dunno! But thanks anyways. I’ll keep that in mind.

Well a burn can show in 48 hours in soil within 24 hours in hydro, if it’s a deficiency it can and will be present 2 weeks before visually seeable to us, one nutrient in particular don’t remember which one but it takes 4-6 weeks to visually show to us.

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Looks to me to be zinc iron, and manganese deficient. Give them a little Vitamin B1 it should help them out

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I feed them with floranova grow and plant magic magne-cal. Nothing else. Isn’t this enough to grow a health plant?

Not if it’s zinc and iron what are there ratios?
Vitamin b1 also contains trace elements that most nutrients don’t, which helps aid in healthy root function and growth