ILGM Blueberry Auto - First grow

Hello!! This is my first grow, so seems like choosing when to harvest is my hardest obstacle right now and hoping someone can help! I haven’t seen a change in trichomes, but don’t necessarily know if i’d have the eye for it being my first time at this.

Leaves are starting to all yellow, smells WONDERFUL - just can’t tell when/if she is ready! ILGM says 8-10 week til harvest, i’m at 11.5 right now :confused:

Pics in next post…

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@Eppie02 i would say you are getting close i just harvested a Blueberry auto about 10 days ago that was about 12.5 weeks. That 8-10 days is just a guide. Do you have a jeweler loupe or a magnifying glass to see the trich’s. Still look like there are some white pistils

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Beautiful lady!!!

I’d say probably a couple weeks never believe that 10 week schedule most go by. It’s anywhere from 70 to 110 days I’d say it’s probably clear triclones I would say 2 to 3 weeks but with out loupe pics I’m guessing.

Ditto to gauging it by trichome development.

You deserve a gold star sticker for patience because so many new growers would have already harvested already.

When you get some 60x optics, be sure to scope all over the plant. Don’t be afraid to harvest the top before the bottom, even if that means another week. I’d also recommend harvesting at the end of the dark period, since I think you preserve volatile terpenes that way.

I harvested 3 ILGM blueberry autos in February. The earliest was 12.5 week, the other two went 15.
This is harvest day 106


@KeystoneCops lol thanks! Appreciate it patience has been the hardest so far but brings most success I see!

@beardless is that 1 plant?? That’s a forest compared to my tree! Haha

@beardless also any tips on harvest would be greatly appreciated

Up to then, blueberry auto was my favorite grow. I wish more than 3 had germinated. All 3 were virtually identical. Compact with great buds.

Where to begin. The main factors are temperature, humidity, dark and time. As long a dry time as possible (5 -7 days) at around 70 degrees with 50 - 55% RH in complete darkness with light air movement is what you are looking for. The larger the plant sections hung to dry, the slower the dry process will be. This is a different plant. I wet trim and dry in a cardboard box. I push the stems through holes and use binder clips to hold them. I cover the opening when loaded.

The downside to my method is it only takes 4-5 days to dry.
In a couple of weeks I will start harvesting my northern lights Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG - #94 by beardless
I like what I am seeing - #40 by Kgab82
If possible, to slow down the drying time, I will try to keep more of the plant / branches in tact and leave more of the sugar leaves.
The next step after drying is to cure the buds. Wide mouth air-tight quart canning jars and mini-hygrometers are necessities. I can’t think of a more rewarding site
Glad to help with additional questions if I can.


How did you get the surrounding branches almost as large as the main one?? Mine are like not even a tenth of the size haha. Yours looks fabulous, hoping I can do that some day!

Did absolutely nothing special. They grew true to form and I had no missteps. I have a decent but not spectacular Kind XL 600 with 300+ watts in a 3x3. I did a little LST to spread out the branches but did not top. What you see hanging came in at 3 oz dried and cured. Not over the top but respectable. I have since added another 160 max watts to really push the buds

. Hopefully it works.
The bottom line is good light, good soil, and don’t kill them