ILGM Blueberry Auto 2.0


Ok, I’m going to try to complete a grow in a soil mix.

I’m calling this 2.0 because I have another grow going now that is an ILGM auto Blueberry.
If you want you can find that topic in the seed and soil section.
It is rather long, because I am still a beginner, and boy did I run in to problems. lol
Maybe this one will go more smoothly.

Here are the details.

The grow box is the Yield Machine from
It is 4 FT, and has a 300W Mars-hydro LED.

I’m using a 2G pot with a 50/50 mix of perlite and Pro Mix BX.

For nutrients I will be using all Advanced Nutrients.
The Grow MicroBloom Perfect pH line, along with Voodoo Juice and B52 for now.

It just popped up out of a rapid rooter, so I am fixing to put it in the grow box.

If there are any details I left out, feel free to ask.


We look forward to seeing you grow successfully. Looking forward to your review of your new grow box. :slight_smile:


How much did that setup run you? Just wondering


It was about 600 I think.

It is over priced, but for a premade box, I think it is pretty good value compared to the others.
My only complaint so far is the odour. lol
I have 1 other Blueberry auto in the box that is in flower, and it doesn’t contain the smell at all. :slight_smile:

I’m using ONA gel for the smell when needed…

It is now 4 days old…
Seems like it’s still growing… not sure if it is growing at a normal pace or not, because I always think they should grow faster it seems like. lol


ahah nice man ! 2 ILGM auto blueberry in progress ^^
GL on the grow wish you all the best :wink:


Ok, it is 7 days old from sprout (The big one week.)
So, I just watered it.
Noticing a little more growth over the last day or 2 it seems like.

How is she looking guys?


She’s growing fast!!


Working on growing new leaves.
Day 10 from sprout.


Beautiful! How you liking soil my friend !? :wink:


So far, I’m glad I switched!

Now I’m able to sit back, and learn how a plant grows. haha


Exactly ! !

Edit: You had almost no problems with this plant ! I’ve seen a lot of first grows that went a lot worse. Soon you’ll hit a rhythm and this too will be second nature !


Am I looking too hard, or are 2 of the leaves trying to droop?

Just seems like the leaf tips are getting close to the soil…


Before I said that plant looks great, if you can get another picture because you cut about half off but from what I can see by the color and everything else it looks really healthy !

I can’t really see the angle your looking for, but I suspect you may be looking to hard ?

I kind of recall Fox Farm nutes for you and if that’s the case I think maybe a good one to ask would be @Majiktoker , I’m wondering if he could use some Cal / mag supplementation soon Cody ?


I agree could you get a better picture half of them were cut out, with a better picture I can take you the right direction, thanks @Paranorman.

I’d like to say he’s right usually using fox farms nutrients will take nitrogen a wee bit off and it will definatley throw off the cal mag.
If possible flora grow is a great one to use for vegitative the green liquid a 1/4 tsp with 1 tsp of cal mag that should bring her leaves up off the soil. Fox farm nutrients usually come in hand when switching from veg to flower, honestly wouldn’t use fox farms for veg, now that’s just my opinion, simply because phosphorus and potassium are at way higher levels than nitrogen, and flora gro even though potassium is higher then all, plants take very well to it with 1 tsp of cal mag.

To completely ensure that’s what’s going on a better picture will be awesome help (a picture of the full plant)… I can definatley see it’s a little rich in phosphorus.

If you are using fox farm nutrients in veg, then specifically 1/4 tsp of each nutrient mixed in a gallon. Or option b, and is just folding her inner nodes down to get light to the inside of the plant.

In soil it’s very common for a plant to appear droopy when first waking up or when In a perfect environment. Now keep in mind it’s not really a bad thing that just means the nodes blocking deep inside will fold down to allow maximum light to penetrate new nodes growing in. If your leaves start rolling up on the edges and folding in an upward motion and start to get discoloration that’s usually 75% of the time an indication of heat stress or transplant and i garuntee it’s no heat stress there are absolutley no signs of heat stress. Again with a picture of entire plant I can help inform you better

Hope this helps


Those pants bro… LOL


I don’t get it?
What, you can see my pants in the pic?


Yea better than your plant lol


Well, Shit! :frowning:That’s embarrassing I think. haha

Not sure how that even happened. :frowning:

Should I remove those pics???


"I’m wondering if he could use some Cal / mag supplementation "

@Paranorman id agree as well in soil usually any time you feed with nitrogen you should use cal mag to help balance the acidity from the nitrogen


Naw just upload ones with full plant lol you should be fine