ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Lovin the Blue pack so far. Im on Team Dream. :joy::joy:. Lets get the bets startd now.

@DoobieNoobie that sounds genius as well. I wish i had my lemons that i killd on germing. I could have a ‘yellow grow’ :joy::joy:


I bought this for the Blue Cheese. She is my best plant so far and my only Indica dominant hybrid. @Poseidon is already on team Blue Haze (currently in last place). Now @PurpNGold74 is on team Blue Dream. Here is how they look today.

Blue Haze

Blue Dream

Blue Cheese


Blue Cheese close up


Hate running outta likes… but that doggone cheese sitting FAT. its a long rave though. Dream has time. Even with her lanky stems :joy:. I like long legs tho. 6’5 myself


Haha the Dream is two weeks older so she had to sit in the seedling dome too long and ripped a bunch of roots on transplant due to excessive root growth. So she just started catching up and Haze has always been the runt but she isn’t far from take off by the looks of the roots.


The ladies are looking excellent @Vexer

Lol @PurpNGold74 I didn’t even think about the fact he’s doing a blue pack grow I guess I’m gonna be doing a red pack lol.


Looking great!!!


Just topped Blue Cheese 2 more times.


Blue Dream is starting solid growth since I topped her.


Blue Haze is getting ready to go soon now that roots are starting to emerge more and more everyday.


Cmon baby girl. You can do it. Show Cheese what u got


Your Blue Dream girl is growing from multiple nodes better than the cheese. The node below the topping has bigger growth than the very top. I may get to top her 4 times in the same day soon!


Yea but Cheese’s sucker (bud) leaves are already exploding. Man i love watching these ladies do there thing


I wish the Cheese would give the Haze some of it’s swag lol.


So just an update:

I changed out reservoir on the 11th.
20 gallons of tap water
10ml Dechlorinator
25ml GH Armor So
50ml GH CaliMagic (1/2 dose)
40ml GH Micro (1/2 dose)
80 ml GH Bloom (1/2 dose)

(CalMag,. Micro, and Bloom we’re increase from 1/4 dose)

I just topped Blue Haze. Hopefully a little stress helps kick her in gear. The Blue Cheese and Blue Dream look amazing.

Blue Haze topped

Blue Dream

Blue Cheese


Dream is beggin for that second topping. :joy::joy::thinking:


Ya know, I was thinking the same thing lol. So here it is!


Blue Cheese and Blue Haze are starting to slouch. Slowly started happening since yesterday and not sure why. I think my GF said the grow room was a little hot on Saturday when she got home from work, but other than that, everything is on point now. Any Ideas @garrigan65 @TDubWilly @peachfuzz @Donaldj


Blue Dream

Blue Cheese


I am thinking about changing out the reservoir and going back to 1/4 nutes. My only other thought is windburn and because the Dream and Cheese have grown taller, that is why the small blue haze is unaffected.