ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Im still laughing at myself… watering a rdwc… but the 48x16 sounds like a solid idea. JUST IN CASE lol. Of course i havent scrog’d. Get some actual input. :joy:


I’m gonna roll the dice with the 48x48 besides it’s not hard to cut a Hermie out if need be. Just follow the branches lol. And yes the RDWC watering did give me a good laugh as well.


So I ran into a bit of an algae problem so I am going to empty RDWC system again and add peroxide and start the Lucas Method with my GH micro and bloom at 4ml/8ml per gallon. Hopefully by next week my girls will be looking healthy again. I also turned off all but one 600w LED and raised it further away from the seedlings. Fingers crossed for my Blue Pack RDWC ScrOG that I have planned!


Alright, just put in a fresh 20 gallons of water into the RDWC system. I used the Lucas Method and added 40ml of GH micro and 80ml of GH bloom. PPM is at 450 so because I have crappy tap water that comes out at 175 PPM. So I did half the dose of the Lucas Method recommended dosage. Temperature is at 67, and pH is 5.8. I added a bottle of H2O2 so 930ish ml which is around 12 ml/L for 20 gallons/75 L. I will add H2O2 everyday for the next week. I will be introducing LK recovery in the next day or two in addition to Armor Si as well. After treatment, I will stop treating with LK for and start Hydrogaurd. I also have dechlorinator on the way for treatment of my tap water. So that’s the agenda, wish me luck. Oh and I ordered calmag just to have it as an option if ever needed.


My net came today!


Added 10ml of dechlorinator last night and today the 3% peoxide solution seems to be doing wonders in killing off the algae because my babies are looking more perky today.




Haha that’s funny.


I like a refreshing Heffe or a rich Bock.


IPAs put me on my butt last night haha


This is my dechlorinator that I am using. 5ml/10 gallons so I use 10 ml for my 20 gallon system.


@raustin how do you do your scrog. Do you use clips? I bought a bunch of circle plant clips to do mine.


I didn’t use clips, I just tucked under the net. Some people use clips though.


Who knows, I may do a mixture of both.


Added 25 ml of Armor Si and 300 ml of LK.


We are back on track and looking perky again! Blue Cheese is the first to have a nice white root come out underneath.


I’m in that slow and boring wait where a seedling transitions into the veg stage and even now that all problems have been solved and everything is going smoothly, what a bore of minimal growth and waiting lol. Veg is fun because everyday something new happens, but this seedling transition seems like it is taking forever. I’m glad my next grow will be the clones of these ladies.


Day 54 Blue Dream

Day 41 Blue Cheese

Day 39 Blue Haze


Hows your RDWC system working? I have a one on one 5 gal bucket RDWC with a flexible 3/4 hose for circulation and a 1" for drain back to res. I see you ended up putting the res outside you tent, that will drop the res temp by about 10 degrees


It is going really well. I am glad I put in the rain drip filter because it is filtering out all the algae from the problem I had but I have been having to clean out the filter every day now to keep the flow going. The res outside the tent is something I never would have appreciated until now having it. So much more room to work on top of the temp benefits.