ILGM Blue Pack Grow


That was from a sandwich baggy full of trim and some buds. I end up with 5 grams of hash. The machine is from bubble bag dude.
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No I have never smoked it or grown it before. It grows like a freaking weed tho. I’ve chopped off over half of my BC because it just grows from everywhere.


If it happens again I will say F it. But I wanted to do the full blue pack grow because that was my goal. So I’m doing it damn it! Lol


Hahahahaha!! Awesome!


Switched up my smoke/grow spot a bit. Now I can see my new Gold Leaf grow!

And other than my BH being stunted, BC, BD, and GDP are all looking really good.


Check own the bone structure on BC


Have you grown a GL before? Wonder how big they get…


Nope never grown it before and I have only smoked an 8th of it in my life so I am really interested to see how she turns out.


This is why unions on an RDWC system is important. I noticed my pump was going really slow and unfortunately, some loose roots and small Hydroton got sucked in. Fortunately I am able to clear my pump out with ease. Really not pleased it sucked in roots, but at least it was BH’s stunted ass roots lol. I don’t foresee this being a problem in the future.


I may need to flower BD soon before her roots have nowhere to go! lol


Your poor BH has been through hell and back, dude…


@Poseidon she is the only original lol. She is my cockroach that simply won’t die. She won’t stretch, just grows node on top of node. And she still hasn’t produced a leaf with more than 3 fingers lol.


Chernobyl weed :grimacing:. The F’ing world will come to an end and the cockroaches will be smokin’ your weed!! :joy:


@Poseidon it’s La Cucaracha


Hahahahahaha!!! Now the song is in my head…


I think it is time to go into flower. Just took 2 beautiful GDP clones to keep it going since I can’t find my seeds anywhere. I think it is time for this grow to get to ending already lol. Just set timer to 12/12!


Threw a shoe box lid with a rectangle cut out in the middle over my 1200w light. Too much light for my little Gold Leaf.


Is that a 2x2 tent?? I love it!!


Yea that BH refuses to die dont she


32x32x63 are the tent dimensions.


Living in California is the best. I get off work, drive 1.4 miles and I am at that dispensary. 5 8ths and 2 packs of seeds later…