ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Yea that’s why I roll hydro because plants are in the garage and that door opens.


@Vexer - I moved to San Diego after High School for college. Stayed 15 years… Also lived in San Francisco for a year while I designed the new LAN for the DoED offices in the UN Plaza…

Too expensive… my entire family liquidated our property and moved back east. I am originally from Ohio so it was nice to get back to trees and green grass…


Nice. Yeah I’m from the bay and now in the central valley for the same reason, this shit is expensive lol.


Cool. I designed the Medical LAN at Lemoore NAS as well. Only there a couple of months. I liked California but Alaska and Oregon/Washington are my favorite states out west…


I’ve decided to remove the scrog net and throw my GDP in with the Blue Pack so I can use my other tent for the grow off challenge. The plants are all different ages so doing a scrog isn’t a reasonable option for this grow. I’m thinking keeping a few mother’s in my RDWC system and do rounds of 16 clones in my small tent that are given 2 weeks to root and put immediately into flower to produce buds every 2 months once the grow off is finished.


Sounds like a winner. Hardest part ive seen is timing the rooting just right. N spacing ur flowering time correctly


Exactly, if I lose the net I can just let them grow at their own rate and it gives me a tent to focus on the grow off with my gold leaf. I will definitely root clones before putting them in the tent to flower. My cloning system is pretty solid right now so I don’t see a lot of problems.


The Blue Pack grow just added GDP to the family to make room for my Gold Leaf in my smaller tent for the grow off.


It’s hash making time!

And the magic has happened.


Welcome to my little corner of the garage. It’s a very scenic smoke spot.


Thought I was the only one who sits inside the grow room with a coffee. I also took a baby clone 2 weeks old, washed off all the seedling soil and moved into my rdwc under 12/12. I cut all my clones just before light flip this time


I’m all about spending time and bonding with my plants haha. I call it my zen garden and when I am stressed, I visit my garden and come back fully rejuvenated.


Finish drying out already because I wanna smoke you sucka!!!


Well everything has been going really well lately. BH is super stunted but growing with no stretch so the node spacing is awful. Not to mention I broke her on accident but if you can duck it…the wound seems to have healed so I’ll remove the tape soon. I cut off a bunch of her suckers and leaves because she was so damn bushy like a ball if leaves. She is my ugly duckling.

BD and BC are doing great and just growing out from their last haircuts.

GDP is looking great and I will not be doing any training or topping with her. Just as nature intended her to be. She has been doing well on full strength nutes and so far has given me no issues.

I removed the scrog net for this grow and threw in a bungie support net that I will drop down when needed.


Damn them some bushy bishes! New growth everywhere. Nice work


Looks good to me


Thanks, once the GDP is big enough to give me a couple clones since I lost my seeds, then I will transition them all to flower so I can be done with this stressful ass grow that has been going on since September lol. I’m ready to start over and do it right.


@Vexer - I admire your tenacity. I would have said F it and started over. :grimacing::ok_hand:


What machine is that and how much trim did you wash??


Have you ever smoked BC. Have 2 going now and they are growing beasts just like yours.