ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Me too, a lot more actually


Thanks for all the input.


Hehehe. Down the rabbit hole u go… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Everything is going well. BH still won’t grow so I pruned her up the other day so her bottom could catch up to the top faster. BD is still growing nicely. BC just got a big hair cut to open all her bud sites, but I did leave the major fan leaves to keep her light intake strong. I know a lot of people don’t like to prune this much but this is how I grow so deal with it haha.

BC Haircut


Blue Haze cloning practice.


Cool! I have never cloned. I want to when I get some photo seeds


Hey @Vexer what are those round things in your pots? Are those strictly for Hydro? I’ve seen them in fellow poster’s pic but have no idea what they are. Thx


@Psu8286 Hydroton or easily put as clay pebbles. They are for hydro and hold water and air. Also used to block light leaking through to the water.


BD is starting to hit the net but I am contemplating on getting rid of the net for this grow because BH is obviously stunted and will not make it up on time, but I still want to flower her. I just can’t make up my mind. BC is super trimmed down to let more tops get light and I topped her to stop center growth after the FIM.

BC Tops

I took off her clothes and you can see the original FIM


Nice node spacing and thick stems. I like it…


Think I should take out the net for this grow? I don’t think BH is going to grow enough for scrog.


Probably wouldn’t hurt to get some spread with netting… You can set it and let her grow through if you change your mind…


Ahhhh genius! See this is why I like to run ideas through people. Didn’t even think about that lol. Thanks buddy.


Most welcome, bud!!


Clones are getting tossed tomorrow but it was good practice for me. I feel safe to say I am not having any issues cloning lol. These were cuttings from my stunted BH.


@Vexer - I have a 4x4 tent that would love to make new friends…

…been wanting to grow a BH for a long time


If I could send you clones I would lmao. I wish you lived in Cali. Hell I wish all of the beautiful people on here lived on our own magical island.


Toss the clones in 1 gall soil pots of ffof and let them flower with the other girls. I say keep the bet too. N they all look good. Cheese is gorgeous. Sweet FIM


Thanks bro. I have never done soil and my 4x4 is a scrog and my 32x32 I guess could invite friends in with GDP.


Watch for bugs tho. I just had that battle. :roll_eyes: