ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Blue circles are a fim. White are a result of your good timing on the fim. Definitely gonna work out in your favor


@PurpNGold74 Here are better pics so you can see better. I dotted the FIM tops this time. They can be hard to see in pics.

Other side


:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: Damn fine work. I think u missd


Oh it was a huge miss lol.


That thing is going to be a trident once it grows out and I am going to turn it into a trident when I chop gwahaha. Then I’ll post it for @Poseidon to steal lol.


7 hrs to go still but you should know I like this. Look. See… image


Love it!!! :sunglasses:


Hey @dbrn32 can you post a good light for me to buy when I am ready to get rid of the blurple lights one day for my 4x4 tent. I currently have 4 600w in the big tent and 1 1200w blurple in my small tent, but it would be nice to see my plants under a white light that can handle veg and flower. the


Hard to say depending on how long it will be before you buy. New stuff coming out pretty regularly. Hlg-550 is nice, plc-6.2, any of the 4x4 options from timber. Fluence and gavita have nice lights too, but you’ll pay more per umol with either of them.


@dbrn32 How much do good lights run for my space so I know what to plan on spending? I am light retarded so I don’t know what anything means lol. I just want the blurple to go away.


Of the lights that are available I would recommend, like $800-$1400. Sometimes depends on sales or if you’re willing to do assembly of kit. Going straight diy people have done them as low as like $550. That kinda varies on discount codes and stuff too.

If you absolutely want the most for your money, best thing to do is start setting money aside so you can pounce on a good discount code or sale when available. Then being patient and waiting on it.


Everything I see on the timber website is COB lighting. Aren’t QBs better?


In some regards, but not all. There are still a lot of people out there that prefer cobs over boards.


What is better 3k or 4k? What does it mean anyways? Lol


That’s the cct, it’s a reference to color of light emitted. Lower number had more red and will appear more orange. Higher number has more blue and appears to be a brighter more sharp white. If you plan on flowering with light I wouldn’t go any higher than 3500k.

In this picture the board is 4000k and the cobs are 3000k.


So @dbrn32 is this about what I want? Comes in 3k and 3.5k


That’s using citizen cobs right? @Bogleg built similar light for around $700 I think.

Either one would be fine. I would ask him if 90cri cobs are available though.


@dbrn32 you smoke Cowboy Killers! I can’t hang with reds anymore. Here is the info on that light. For full grow would you get 3k or 3.5k?


I use this say 3000k just based on paper info. Doesn’t really appear to be much difference in grows between the two. The 3000k is prone to a little longer node spacing, so whatever you prefer there is which one I’d go with. Although some people with 3500k claim their plants don’t stretch enough lol. In yield potential it’s abp the same.


3k it is. I like a little stretch when I grow for spacing.