ILGM Blue Pack Grow


I’ve learned that you have to grow out top new growth as tall as you can before they fan out so about an inch tall before the cut. This allows time for the 2 nodes that have started growing within that node to mature a bit more. The first set of 2 tops you can see and the cut fan leaves are separating from the FIM cut. Now that tight circle in the middle of the cut should fan out to create my other 1-2 tops. So it is potentially 3 toppings with 1 cut. Logic tells me that it is best to get first FIM done before asymmetrical growth starts, this allows the inner 2 tops to grow at an equal rate and is the difference between getting 1 or 2 tops out of the most inner node. Once the growth is no longer symmetrical, then new growths grow staggard and that is why many people only get 3 of the 4 possible tops from within the FIM due to the last top not being mature enough at the time of cut. This is all my own thought out logic through trial and error. I even tried to make this reply as short as possible lol.


I always do it within a half inch or shorter. Maybe my problem. Always becomes a top


Yea grow that sucker out as tall as you can so the inner nodes develop. You only see the top growth but deep down that little bud on top has many small nodes hidden with it. So the more mature the top growth is, the more mature the inner growths are.


Just a little more than my GDP. And I wait for 7 leaves before fimming. As of right now on this plant. I can see 2 of the 3 nodes leaves that are to be cut. So good chance is that the third node on the inside is about ready. A more mature plant would probably have taller new growth based on leaf size, so this is about the perfect time to cut in my opinion.


What is left to say about BC, it’s and f’n weed! (3rd post need a comment) @GreenCoat here is my grow journal if you want to see how the FIM grows out.


Poke poke poke.

Dammit couldnt find the youtube video. Was on I got the hook up. :joy::joy:


Looks good. I am gonna comment on your pics so your thread does not lock :grimacing::ok_hand:


Can’t wait for her to grow!!


My BH isn’t really growing. Her roots keep growing so I feel like the bottom is trying to catch up to the top. My BD is almost fully recovered and growing again. I just hope BH isn’t permanently stunted because she looks healthy with really small leaves…weird.


She is focusing on roots, perhaps. I am still “rooting” for her… :rofl:


Her roots are definitely the smallest of the group but are growing like crazy so I’m not too worried. Just a matter of time I hope.


Did a reservoir change today:

20 gallons tap water
10ml Dechlorinator
40ml hydrogaurd (it finally came after months)
160 ml micro
20ml bloom
Discontinued calmag, armor Si, and LK
PPMs 1130
pH 5.71
Added 1 airstone to each bucket.

I washed out all the gunk in the buckets but luckily there wasn’t much left. I also cleaned off all the roots and got them gunk free and looking good.




Additional airstone per bucket


I see Hydroguard in the mix. Did you just start using in your regiment or no?? I bought some. Not here yet.


This is my first time using it. Oh I have a trident for you @Poseidon.


Love it !!!


I saw it and totally thought of your emblem haha.


Put cha Pitchforks up :joy:




Looks like success! Is that two more on the sides?!?


There are 6 tops in the photo.the 2 big ones one the sides are from the topping growth. Just below the center is another with the opposite one just above center barely sticking out, and 2 more touching the left and right sides of center. Inside those cut fan leaves are 2 more that I just saw. I have cut off 2 sets of cut fan leaves already.