ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Where is BH??


BH is doing well and recovering nicely.

BC growing strong


Looking Sweet! :metal::sunglasses:


These are my girls today


Sid is smaller but she got some nugz on her


She survived the big girl meal u provided i see.


BC got fimmed just now. May be a little low or just perfect. Soon we will see.


Went to do a check on my airstones and saw this mucus stuff in the bottom of my buckets. It’s not hurting the plants as the roots were all white, but once I rubbed it off it started floating all around and now is sticking to roots. Never had any issues with my last grow and it is only in the grow buckets and not in the reservoir any ideas? Reservoir change is tomorrow so any ideas are appreciated. @garrigan65 @peachfuzz @Donaldj


My roots are fine but there is this snot crap everywhere and now it is starting to get on roots since I loosened it all up. I used a strainer to get 90% out and hope the rain drip filter gets the rest. Super weird.


What is water temps… ?
How long since a full clean…?
Air stones and pumps… ?
Are you using (hydro guard) or (orca) …?
Find the culprit… asap… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



@peachfuzz My hydrogaurd never came in the mail so I have to reorder it. Temps are always mid 60s with a high of 69. Ambient room temp is 65 degrees too. Last time it was washed was after I made it and before I put these plants in so September. 1 4x2 air stone and 1 794gph air pump to each bucket. I don’t know what to do. Tomorrow is res change so I’m going to disconnect it and spray the whole thing out I think. I know I don’t have light leaks and the reservoir is spotless. Another wierd thing is that it builds up primarily on the water and air ports where my uniseals are. My uniseals are covered with apoxy and rubber spray due to leak issues. All non toxic and shouldn’t be a factor.


What nutrients are you using? How old are they? I have seen this with stagnant solution but you have good air… Light leak in the supply lines will grow algae. It is funky looking if algae. Almost looks like silicone from the seal…

Weird shit. Keep us posted…


I use GH nutrients and they are all brand new opened bottles within the last few weeks. Nutes shouldn’t be a problem, but it isn’t algae it’s freaking like jelly snot. And my plants seem fine so I’m so lost. Full clean out coming today.


Welcome to the real world of Dwc. Snotty residue floating on top, tan color sludge on the bottom. Roots going bad, pulling off the brown stuff. Yeah, I like following ya cuz you remind me of myself. It’s more fun to watch you progress.


You could look at a sample under a microscope to see if it is organic. Would rule out algea.

I had GH nutes clump Into some funky looking stuff in my reservoir. After I scrubbed, I put a large power head in it. Churns the solution constantly (better than an air stone). I also upgraded my air pump for the controller and farms. I used a large air stone for the controller and run that air stone at 100%. The farms run at 80% which splashes the crap out of the roots. I also switched to black supply lines.

No more clumping…

Sending you best wishes, bud.


Yea all my tubing is black and my rain drip filter seems to be getting out the rest of the snot crap. Plants are thriving so it is quite the mystery. I had to take my roots to the sink to spray the snot off them. My res change is actually next week so I am going to keep an eye on it for a few days


The Blue Cheese FIM was a success. 2 new tops coming from the FIM and 2 new tops just opened up from within the FIM and possibly 1 or 2 more tops left to come! Probably the best FIM I have ever done so far.


Damn fine work! The fact its the cheese is for purely selfish reasons. My fims never work out


They can be hard to get just right, I won’t know if it was perfect unless the other 2 come out and that will take a couple more days to see. But as of right now, I have 4 tops from 1 cut! Hopefully it turns into 5 or 6 tops. The first 2 are easier, but to get the second 2 is all about the right timing and a good clean cut location.


Do tell??? :eyes: :memo: