ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Did that come in a white box? That looks like the one I had problems with. Even after calibrating it it would show everything was 8.21 ph. Caused me a lot of problems. It came as a set with a white ppm meter.


They are pretty much the same except the brand mark. Nice thing about pH meters is that when they break, they really screw up readings so it’s pretty obvious when something is wrong. Any time I get a weird reading I use it on my tap water to make sure it is reading properly.


Trimmed off some dying leaves and the suckers. I think my leaves are telling me to lower the nutes by their droopiness since everything else is within the proper ranges. I’m going to pull out 5 gallons of nutes water and replace it with 5 gallons of plain water.

Blue Cheese

Blue Haze

Blue Dream


I’m telling you that Blue Cheese is a beast and will definitely catch the other 2 plants. It’s fun having 3 plants needing a different amount of nutes. I realized that the back 2 buckets slope towards the back right bucket due to the draining angle grade of my garage floor. So my BH was getting all the nutes do to a higher water level and the BD was hungry. So I switched them spots to even it out but I will need to even them out before they hit the net. BC was way over nuted (as expected) due to her being really young and small. After replacing 5 gallons of nutes water with plain water brought the ppms to 830 and she popped right back up. I may be starving the BH and BD a bit, but BC will catch up really fast based on the rate of growth and be needing the same amount of nutes as the BH and BD very soon. So I think it’s going to work out after all the bull shit lol.


Damn fine work my man. Damn fine work indeed. Nice to see everything humming along. Cheese is defo coming along. Topping her soon? N dream and haze look great as well. Happy tent. Happy plants


I think I’m going to let cheese catch up in height to the other ones before I top her. I want to make sure they all hit the net around the same time. Blue Cheese is definitely a weed though.


Nice plan bro. So the march continues


Okay so I was having to starve BH and BD so BC could catch up and not get too much nutes. Now BC can handle full strength nutes and it now it is time for the BH and BD to finish healing and get back to growing. So far my gamble is working out perfectly and the BH and BD apear to be recovering quickly over the past two days. This grow is taking forever but now I feel like it is actually starting to happen after all the issues and trying to incorporate a plant that was still a seed as the other two were already in veg. Let the games begin!






Sending best wishes, buddy!!


Full speed ahead! Feed them hungry hungry heffas


It’s nice seeing all the yellow slowly disappear. I’m looking forward to having 3 green plants for the first time in 2 months.


Okay don’t laugh too hard, but my Blue Haze and Blue Dream are a foot tall and they were born on August 14th lol. I have two 4 month old plants and a 3 week old plant in the same tent that are almost all the same size. Why any of you continue to watch me fail, I will never know. But I am truley grateful for all the help, support, and friendship I have received on this wonderful forum. How much longer do I have to keep this up to set the record for longest running grow journal? Haha…root rot sucks. If I had replacement seeds for 2 of the strains, I would have just said F it and dropped seeds. But now I am determined to make it work!


Because you are a nice guy, your going about this intelligently with bound and determination, and you are helping others (even if it is not voiced)…


Yup im here for the long haul. I have a plant going i dropped in June. She is just over a foottall now :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Why don’t you have a grow journal purp? Or do you lol. I don’t think I have seen your plants.


Yea im on my second one now. Will tag u over bro


Just clipped off all the bad roots on the BH and BD now that the new white roots have come in.



And the mighty BCheese


That Cheese root porn is sexy af. The stuff of wet dreams


The Blue Cheese loves to grow. The one I killed grew way faster than the others as well, so I am not surprised by the progress of this girl.


Looks like only half of Blue Dream wants to recover. Only time will tell.