ILGM Blue Pack Grow


I know what you mean, but sometimes I use 2 toothpicks to go in and crack that sucker open if it takes to long to sprout. It’s like surgery and a very slow process.


Go to the light little GDP!


Just some update pics. Everything is going well and Blue Cheese has representation once again.

Blue Cheese

Blue Dream

Blue Haze


Here ya go buddy. Plants are looking good.


I dropped my pH meter in the reservoir and broke it. I didn’t realize it at first so I added 10ml of pH up, then I realized it was broken so I threw in 10 ml of pH down to compensate for the error. Luckily my neighbor is going to come over and open my garage so he can test my pH and make sure reservoir levels are okay. Thank God for having a neighbor who grows as well lol. I should have my new pH meter by tomorrow I hope.


Never hurts to have a $10 back up meter


True, luckily my back up is next door. We are bubble bagging his outdoor trimmings for some hash at the moment!



The end result

The Patty is my 25 micron screen (high grade).


Nice hash haul it looks like.


28g dry weight. So an ounce of hash!!! That’s a lot of THC.


Awesome congrats. That’ll keep ya floating for a while lol.


I took about a quarter of it because it wasn’t my trimmings, but I showed him the power of my hash wash machine and bubble bags.


Hell that’s even better. Lol


Hell yeah it is lol


I missed your post about the PH meter which one did you get? The apera I got recently is supposed to be water proof although i’d rather not test it lol.


Definitely a want, The Apera meter is on my short list of needs. For now, it’s saved for later in my amazon cart.


I wish i’d have spent a little more and got the combo ppm and ph meter. My ppm meter is acting sketchy with fairly large fluctuations (50 to 100ppm). But now I’ll just have to get a new ppm meter. My wife going to kill me if I don’t stop buying things for a little while lol.


I have 2 of each meter. Ima stoner and “misplace” stuff


I have a temp, ppm, and pH that are all separate. I like having things built for a specific function. I just got a basic pH tester.