ILGM Blue Pack Grow


I have 1 1/2 inch connectors I cobbled together from Home Depot to connect the buckets after I lost 4 buckets to uniseals leaking inside grow room. Now they are guaranteed not to leak.


Yup leaks suck. But sweet recovery. And the girls looking good


Yea it was the uniseals on my reservoir running to the buckets. Nothing a little apoxy couldn’t fix. But didn’t need mold forming from wet carpet so I just broke the whole thing down and put it on the concrete floor of the garage just in case something esle decides to leak in the future. It was the only seal the was not sealed using apoxy so now it is good to flow. I was also able to clear debris from my water pump since a water bottle wrapper and some tiny clay pebbles we’re blocking water flow. So now everything is running at an optimal level once again. Next system I build will not have uniseals, I will spend the extra couple bucks for proper seals that connect the buckets to the piping.


Just set up my 1 plant tent for a side grow or any other reason I may need a second grow area.


How big???


The new tent’s dimensions are 32x32x63. The big one is 48x48x80. I have a GDP seed in water so it can go in the new tent.


Looks almost like my setup so far. :+1:


Very nice. You can use that as a mother tent in the future and run clones in the big tent.


Exactly what doob said. Sweet setup. Gonna get your perpetual on i :eyes:


Yea I was thinking about making it a mother tent someday but I have to choose a mother strain and I have 10 GDP, 10 Gold Leaf, and 1 Blue Cheese seed left. So I won’t be needing a mother anytime soon, that’s why I’m doing a GDP grow in it first


Yeah just an idea for the future. Like you said might as well put it to use growing an extra plant now.


Update pics:

Blue Haze roots finally came out to play.

Blue Dream

Blue Cheese and a GDP about to sprout.


Moving the grow tents into the garage is really making life using a RDWC system so much easier. I don’t come home to temps of 78° anymore, and the res Temp never gets over 68° now. I only have to add ice bottles once a day now and my root growth has really started to kick in and are all pearly whites strands. I am becoming a fan of a colder environment for when I grow.


Yup especially in RDWC. Gotta watch that rez temp. Haze is taking off n looking good! N those roots :boom:


Does anyone else rip off the seed when the sprout breaks the surface? I just cant help myself sometimes to help get the light going. I’m sure it is not advisable to mess with the natural order of things but it always works out well if done with care. I just ripped open my GDP seed. I do this with all my seedlings and it takes off a couple days of the plant trying to rid the seed naturally. This one is more white then normal which means I should have waited another day or two, but I wanted to make sure it was rooting because it wasn’t moving from the top of the rockwool.


I always take the shell off. As long as you’re careful it’s ok.


Yea it is a very careful process for sure. With only a single root, one mistake can unroot the seedling.


Nice job thumb I cant wait to build one!


Thank you for that tidbit :smile:


Yup that :billed_cap: has gotta go. I pull the seed off when the stalk can take it. Carefully. If i touch it n it leans? No go :joy: