ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Right on man.


Blue dream gets huge make sure you accomodate for that if you end up putting it with the other two, especially if ur gonna scrog. To give you an idea, I got blue dream big enough for only one in my 5×5 because topped and super cropped it lol.


Yea the Haze and Dream are Sativa Dominant and the Cheese is Indica dominant. But let me tell you, last time the Cheese blew by a Dream that was 2 weeks older and the Haze I have now. Once those Indica leaves spread out there is no stopping her photosynthesis ability to grow. I feel like a fresh Cheese will catch up with a Dream stuck in a dormant state for 3 months and a Haze that is healing from root rot and that still isn’t as big as the Cheese was weeks ago before she died. I also sprouted 2 Cheese so I could roll with the better and give my neighbor the other to grow in 3 weeks after his crop has been harvested.


Haze is growing into her own. She looks good.


Did you see that I got a new Dream for you to cheer for? Lol


Yup but she is a replacement for my lost love… never the same…


Your love is not lost, she is next door at my neighbor’s house lol. She lives on! She sent you her twin to satisfy your Blue Dreams while she is away lol.


Oh good, you started a new plant! Good luck, bro



Blue Cheese

Blue Dream

Blue Haze


Haze Shots and some new root growth too.


Dream is getting there with her 4 new tops.


Haze is on a smooth roll


The Cheese are at attention. I bought a 1 plant tent to keep a mother, or keep a plant in veg for longer on the side.


With her new roots she is starting to really grow finally.


Just ordered some GDP and Gold Leaf Photo Fem seeds. I am going to grow one individually in my 1 plant tent I have coming. Now to decide on which to grow first…hmmmm


Well the 2" uniseals on my reservoir started leaking in my guest bedroom, so I broke down and moved my whole setup to the garage. Was not a fun task and I still have to throw in the carbon filter, but I was able to make some piping adjustments and add some unions and valves to make life easier in the future. The plants were out of the water the whole time so hopefully the roots didn’t get too damaged. So after hours of work, I am just about done.


Topped the BH again a couple days ago.

The BD I got from my neighbor is growing in her 4 tops. She had some nute deficiency so I just recently fixed that.

The BC are coming along nicely.


Looking good. If I can make a suggestion, especially since u had a water leak. I would not store anything like nutes or any other non growing equipment. I keep mine out and seperate from my grow room just in case something happened. Ya never know. Plants look like they are recovering nicely :+1::wink:


Yea the nutes should be in a dark place and will be soon. I didn’t have a place for them when it was in the spare bedroom, but now that it’s in the garage I have plenty of storage places. They are only in there right now because I was cleaning up outside and around the tent.


My nutes new home.