ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Good Good. I was just worried you’d went right back into the same thing which would’ve ended the same.


lately I start in clear cup with soil , then when rooted I rinse off the dirt, put roots to bottom of netcup, then hydroton. then put water level at bottom of netcup, keeping new roots damp till they stretch. The net is 6 inch deep, so only half full of hydroton to support plant. Will raise hydroton level as plant gets taller. Cover with another clear cup over top of plant as a humidity dome for a few days till roots drop.


The rockwool works great for me. Next time I will try putting the rockwool seedling at the very bottom of the net to help get roots going. I’m just happy that one plant looks good. Not how I pictured my second grow starting off but it is what it is.


When using 2 inch rockwool cubes, I let them start in a flat bottom container. The roots will grow across the bottom of cube, giving a much bigger root mass to start with when moved into bottom of netpot. I have 1 clone I just moved into 5 gallon bucket 2 days ago.


I wondered about rinsing off the roots and doing that. That’s handy knowledge for later on if something happens to a plant I can go buy a clone to fill the empty hole.

I should’ve put mine at the bottom of the net pot. That would’ve sped the process of getting roots to water. Oh well lesson learned for next time.


Yea I usually do the same thing but I did say what I was doing is dumb. I’m just being lazy lol


Okay @bryan you changed my mind so I put them under the t5. Why be dumb about it lol.


I have my first plant to get its roots below the net pot today. I really expected it to be another week. I’m a happy guy this evening.


Nice bro, the roots coming out are one of my favorite parts of the hydro growing process. I’ll let these gals get their second true leaves going before I put them in.


Yeah that tip on putting them at the bottom is gonna be a game changer. Mine had roots all across the bottom of the cube when I put them in the net pots but I never even thought about putting them at the bottom like that.


I though having them in the middle would help spread the roots out, but I’m a guy who likes to test things for himself and I will experiement even if it means failure lol. So I will plant these gals low in the net pots and see how it goes. I haven’t been on in a week or so and I feel so behind on everyone else’s grows lol.


Lol dude if I’m gone for 8 hours then come back it takes me hours to catch up lol. Thankfully I got that kind of time available lol. Plus every minute I’m on here is time I’m not hovering over my plants hoping they grow faster lol.

But yeah I think it could’ve saved a couple days off of getting to this point. Because really getting them to the water faster can easily shave days off your grow. Plus no more top feeding which is asking for problems anyways. After they reach water they’re much more self sufficient.


Logically is sounds great haha. But yea, it seems to make perfect sense. I’m just looking forward to getting back on track.


You got this. This time it’s smooth sailing!


Im just here and thankful u guys get to take the knocks on the head. :memo: :popcorn: :dash:


So I gave my next door neighbor a Blue Dream I was going to toss and he somehow managed to not feed it nutes and keep it alive for quite some time now. so he is trying to save my other blue dream while I got a kick-ass replacement plant! SCORE!

Meet my new Blue Dream. She will enjoy finally getting a proper growing environment.


Holy shit!!!


New Cheese popped up yesterday.

I topped the Dream because top leaves had major discoloration from not having nutes. Seems to be doing very well in her new environment.

Haze is growing out that first topping and I will top her again soon.


Are you going to be running these all in the same system? I think the different ages will cause you problems with feeding since you’ll either starve the bigger ones or burn the little ones. I can’t remember if all your buckets were connected or not?


Oh they are connected. The BD is actually the same exact age as the BH. I sprouted them together before I gave the BD to my neighbor. If the BC seedlings die then they die. With how much faster the BC tends to grow, I think I can get it to catch up while the older plants finish healing. Either way I will have 2 plants minimum in a 4x4 scrog which is more than enough. But since it is a blue pack grow, I am trying to make all 3 happen.