ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Man ease up on them poor girls lol. I’m kidding they look good.


Haha I wish they didn’t have to look like that but all the old leaves died with the pH mishap.


I’m sure everyone has a oops moment during their grow. But you’ve got them back on track by the looks of it.


Yea they are still healthy, give them a week or two and I will be able to forget about my oops lol. And Hazy is trying to catch up so that is cool.


Yup just natures way of evening the playing field :wink::joy:


Hazy has her pistils already.


Not sure if Cheesy and Dreamy are going to make it. The little leaves they have aren’t looking good and the stems are turning pale which in my mind says they can’t absorb enough light but that is just a guess. We will see how it goes.


Yea… sugar leaves/sucker branches suck at photosynthesis… sorry bro.


I am going to just let them go until they die or dig deep to survive. Only time will tell


Think I should grab 2 clones to take their place since the Blue Haze hasn’t progressed too far?


Clones from? The straggly girls? They may not clone well… may need to regerm new seeds


Sorry I live in California and and we have dispensaries. I can go buy clones from the store so to say lol.


Ahhh. Dude i will never get over that. Buying PLANTS from the store. I can see bud one day. But plants to grow? Never here. But… its your call. How they look?


Dreams suckers are still developing so she may live. Cheese is toast so I dropped some seeds yesterday since haze is taking forever for roots to form from pH issue and the dream will take a while to recover as well. I think I can get a cheese seedling to catch up.


What are you doing to root your cuttings before they go into the DWC?


Rockwool. They just died because the pH was at 6.6 for 4 days because I’m stupid lol. Blue Cheese is dead and dream looks like she has some fight left in her and I have new seedlings in rockwool to replace the cheese. Blue Haze is looking great but still growing slow.

Dead Cheese

Fighting Dream

Blue Haze

Cheese Replacements (sprouting soon)

With how slow my Dream and Haze are taking, I think I can get 1 of the 2 cheese seeds to catch up. I will veg longer if needed.


I’m being stupid but I just took out the dead cheese and put the 2 cheese seeds in rockwool in the tent. If they die they die and I roll with 2 plants. I need one to be magical or I’ll cover up the bucket and run 2 plants. Worst case scenario is having only the blue Haze and running a 4x4 scrog with just her. I have seen the scrogs of 1 plant so you know what? I ain’t even mad about it, it’s called the learning curve for a reason. I did drop the nutes way down because the Haze is the only plant feeding at the moment so I will be monitoring her alone to ensure I have at least 1 healthy plant.


Stupidity at it’s finest.


I really don’t think the ph is the cause of their death. Did you take any pics of the stem and roots when you pulled it out? Seems to me there was something else going on. It could’ve been the heavy defoliation. It could’ve been root rot. Lots of variables but I would want to figure it out before starting more into it.


Yea it was root rot on young plants. The Haze had it too but is now regrowing nice pearly whites roots. The cheese got major root damage, and the dream had a medium sized case I guess I’ll call it. Cheese and Dream lost all their beautiful leaves, but cheese dried up and dreams new growths are still growing some how. The Haze didn’t have long roots and we’re not effected to the same level. I took root pics earlier in the thread I think. So the system issue has been fixed. These are the baby Haze roots now and barely stretching out the net. You can still see where it rotted and all the little whites ones on the left were there before, then died, and have now come back. The picture looks worse than it is because of the grow lights but she is growing up nicely.

Top of Dreamy