ILGM Blue Pack Grow


Well I will be harvesting in a week and converting my DWC into RDWC shortly after so I thought I would introduce my next line up for my second grow. Meet Blue Dream (day 18), Blue Cheese (day 5), and Blue Haze (day 3). Day 1 is the day of sprout. They are on 24/0 light/dark cycle and should be ready to go into the tent in a few weeks. Lost a Cheese and Haze to the heat that hurt my big girl in flower so that is why they are 2 weeks younger than the Dream. Well it should be fun to see how it turns out, I am just glad the weather will be cooling off a bit soon!

Vexer's ILGM GDP via DWC

Set to watching, good luck. Got a pic of what your about to harvest?


Yea unfortunately I do. Both started flushing today. The small Romulan got stunted earlier but went into flower early and has a really small yield but it looks quality. Romulan is in week 8 of flowers so for it’s 7-9 week flower time, it is on schedule. Now my big girl drowned from me forgetting to turn on the AC and the California heat hurt her. She is barely drinking anymore and I was hoping to flower 2 more weeks, but enough of the tricomes are milky enough to harvest her even though she won’t reach max potency. She was beautiful but now she is the ugly girl in the room. I need to get her flushed and dried before I lose what I have and if it isn’t super tasty after curing, then she will become bubble hash. I will give you a pic of what she looked like, looked like after drowning and after I cut off all her dead leaves.

Here is an up close look at the big ugly girl.

Romulan up close


I will be installing a normal light so I can post pics that are not purple for my Blue Pack grow.


How long were they in flower??? Youre not chopping too soon are u? Trich pics! :joy::joy::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Some colas are starting to dip, I have to try and save what I got. I am getting my 90X phone camera attachment but not sure how good a trich pic I can get but I will try. It’s not optimal I promise you that.


Better than I thought. That’s through my 30x magnification.


I see the ambers i think. But they look like sugar leaves. Ur watching bud trichs right?


Awesome!! I want that mix pack!!! Or at least Blue Haze. I wanna grow one…

Best of luck to you!!! Jealous… I will be following along!!


That’s top of cola. Not great but it will have to do.


I am going to have to put my reservoir for my RDWC in the tent because I don’t want to have to cut a hole in my tent for the low feed lines.


Just got back from the store with most of my parts for a RDWC system with the pump and grommets on the way from Amazon. Stay tuned for pics of the build in a week or so. Thank you @Grandaddy013 for showing me a great video that helped me design my RDWC system.


So no chop yet? I think she still has more weight to pack on. Great pics. First couple showd alot a clear n some milky. But as u went loads of milky. No amber. Chop when those start to amber. Top bud right? First 20 ambers u see. (U want more head energetic high right)


Problem is that the bud are starting to dry on the branch. I just cut off all the micro buds and dead sugar leaves and threw them in the freezer for some hash. I will let her stand as long as I can bit I will be happy if she is even drinking enough to flush my nuglets. It’s painful considering what she looked like, but if I get an ounce and a few grams of hash at this point then I will be happy lol.


Im sure your next ones will be perfect! But at least your gonna get some smoke from it. It doesn’t look too much worse than my outdoor bag seed strain tbo! I’m still uncertain if I’m gonna get any smoke from mine! Lol

It’s been slowly dying from bottom to top since it was 2 months old. Found out it is because of the soil I used. It was 90% forrest materials and it is struggling to get nitrogen. Just used some gypsum 2 days ago. Hope that heals it enough to get at least a little smoke. But on the plus side, I was able to get 2 clones from her!


Took all the micro buds and used my new bubble hash machine to make me so goodness. I was couch locked from 2 bong rips for like 30 min lol.


Uses for every tiny bit :joy::joy::joy::joy:




Yea it was good. I only used the 220 micron bag to filter out all the big stuff, then tossed it. Then ran the rest through the 25 micron bag so I could have one nice little nugget of hash. Bubble machine and bags worked really well!


Well my big drowned Snowland girl didn’t give me much but I still have the lil Romulan left. At least I got some smokable bud (already tested) and a badass wand lol.

@Key2THC this will be my next grow journal.