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Today is the beginning of some fun stuff. I am excited and a bit nervous but mostly excited. My girls just broke the surface of the soil. I checked this morning and there was nothing just damp soil. I had them in peat pots with a mix of FFOF and some starter mix. Sorry don’t know what the seed starter is The bag doesn’t have a name on it and I forget what the guy at the hydro shop told me but it is similar to FFlitewarrior. I put a big zip lock bag over them so not to dry out as one was kind of dry one morning with out the bag.

So my process of germination was the paper towel and soaking. Two plants figure would try both ways and I. will say the paper towel worked awesome. I started Sunday night and started the process. The soak seed soaked about 20 hours and was still floating a little tap and it sank. So put it the soil mix and is just breaking the surface today so that is about 3 days. The paper towel one cracked open on Tuesday and now it is about a 1/2 inch. So my findings is both methods work however the paper towel is a bit quicker. I felt better about the paper towel method because I could see the seed crack open. The soaking was a bit more nerve racking because I had no idea what was happening.

I hope everyone enjoys my journey!!! I am excited!!


Happy growing enjoy :blush:


Enjoy the grow, from start to finish.
Happy growing


Well today I am counting as day one of seedling stage. Both plants have busted through the soil. It is a happy day! Everything is looking good.


Careful on your stage count. You are still in seedling stage until you get your first set of 5 segment leaves.

Peace to you and all you have…


@FloridaSon HOw many stages are there and what are they? :confused:


Cool did not know. I love it learning new stuff all the time. Thanks@Floridason



Found the answer in the grow bible…should have looked there first.


So much to learn there, but don’t forget the different guides…

While I was waiting to earn my trust level, I spent a lot of time with those articles as well. Great reference material to compliment the grow bible.

To learn we must acknowledge there are things we still don’t know…


So today the seedlings are 4 days old and looking healthy despite the fact I am struggling with low humidity. I add a humidifier and seems to be helping. So we will see what happens.


Keep up the good work just remember to keep calm don’t panic and don’t over water.


Yes keep calm and don’t panic is right! Well still low humidity but it has improved. I also added a small greenhouse that made from zip lock bags and some wire. I am hoping that it heats them up a bit more because even thou they look nice and green. I don’t think they are growing much. Today is day 5 and thinking they should be further along.


Patience, young grasshopper…:wink:


LOL yes patience is a good thing. I must practice all will be good.


Took these photos at the end of the day on day 5.

Only 2 plants just different angles


So after some weather stripping and duck tape I sealed up the doors and small holes and anywhere light was getting out. The humidity is doing pretty good. At night time it is about 42%. Just finished all the sealing stuff up so we will see what happens when the lights come on.


Nice glad to hear you got a handle on it or at least your keeping up with it
They look nice :+1: just relax and enjoy them growing
They are tuff and can handle alot
just watch and listen to them they will give you signs when they need your help sometimes doing nothing is the best method
:v:️Happy growing


I thinking it is just over watering but not sure. I have a fan blowing on them. They are turning yellow like pale green and drooping leaves. Watering with pH 6.8 soil ffof can’t get pic to upload will try later.


This is what it looks like.