ILGM Blue Cheese Fem 2018

I top/fimmed. I don’t know what really happened. I try to fim but the margin is so fine that when I do it I really don’t know what happened Fimmed or topped until the plant is another week or so old and the shoots begin to grow. But I try. lol.

These leaves on this blue cheese are huge!!! These are the biggest leave I have ever seen on a plant.



Hey dude aren’t you the grower from NY?
There was a fish trap here when I first came to this forum. Or was it fish head?
Anyways just wanted to say howdy and good to see ya back around


Yup, its me , I’m Bacckk and growin again this summer. I have 5 out in a Gorilla grow right now from beans I bought 2 years ago from ILGM. Got a Nice Chocolope going !!

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Too cool man :sunglasses:
Good luck on ya grow!
I just harvested 2 sour diesel this am.
Got one outside too :zipper_mouth_face:
Keep em green


So… The plants on my deck are doing awesome. I topped all of the branches today to make her fill out instead of growing tall.

I am having some issues with something eating my one plant that I put in the ground. Does anyone have suggestion on what I should do to stop whatever it is eating up my ground plant?

Lygus Bugs do that kind of damage, or Capsid bugs…

Get some spinosad at the home improvement store, Like Monterry Insect Garden Spray. Totally safe for organic veggies, very effective. Get a spray bottle while you are there. Try to spray both top and bottom of leaves every 2 weeks. Stop 2 weeks before harvest.

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I bought some Organocide Bee Safe 3 in1 spray for that plant. I am having issues with my potted plants now that I am trying to figure out. It might be under watering (it’s been extremely hot here and I have caught them drooping twice noe. It gets about 120 degrees on my porch. So im going to start putting them in a shady area in the afternoon and se if that helps.

If you are spraying the leafs be careful not to spray them too late in the morning or early afternoon. Because that to me look like sunlight burn from liquid being on the leafs while the intense sun hit them. I do not see it appearing on the leaves up against the wall only the ones facing the direct sun.

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Im thinking early evening after the sun goes down.

Check your ph, P, and K levels. Might be locking out then.

Checking my ph is easy with my electronic ph tester. I have a soil test kit but getting a reading from it is difficult. Any suggestions on a better way to read p and k levels?

I would catch the run-off from watering and check that.

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Thats some good advice. I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind. The water would be a lot cleaner that just scooping up some dirt and trying to mix that capsules into mud to get a reading. Thank you for that advice.

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It looks like all of my tests are good. So I guess it was just all the heat we had for that stretch of about 10 days here in the North East. I will be putting these in a shady area in the afternoons that it’s going to be that hot again. These plants actually like cooler weather from what I have read. So lesson learned. Thanks for the help everyone.

Blue Cheese Fem is growing great. After some small setbacks they are drinking again and are now flowering. A feeding with some Cal-Mag and Microblast fixed my problems. Thanks @garrigan62 for the help. They range from 3ft to over 5ft. tall now and are starting to flower. Flowering nutrients to start this week. Whoo Hoo.


The plants are growing good and flowering for a little over 2 weeks now. They look great!! But I have been trying to learn more on how to check TDS. My issue is that the plants are so root bound in the 5 gal buckets that I can’t get a good amount of soil from in the bucket. I checked my ppm and my ph using run off from watering. My ph is 6.3 and my PPM is at 735. Can I expect this to be an accurate reading? I have been growing with success for a few years now without even thinking about ph and ppm but I thought I could get a better grow if I put more effort into the science of it all. @garrigan62, @Countryboyjvd1971 @1BigFella.


Advice??? Anyone???

I think they look good. I have yet to worry about TDS, maybe I should. I would say keep doing what you’re doing. pH is right there, ppm would depend on what you’re putting in. Go with what the plants tell you.

The plant has different nutritional needs as she progresses, so I would read up on that and make sure you’re kind of anticipating what she’ll need. I am going with a Fox Farms set of nutrients that are specific to stages of growth (including different stages of flower)