ILGM Big Bud x2 + Chocolope x3


Sorry its a bad picture and its smaller clones in water bottle hum. domes. But same idea. When i do it in solo cups i sit the second one on top carefully fitting the clone in the cup like a lid. Then right at the lips were they sit together i wrap duct tape around 2-3x’s
Then i stand em in a box that fits like 6 cups at a time in bottoms of my bookbag and off i go. I use a razor blade to cut the cups apart.
As for gravel in bottom. Yes it should be mixed in your medium/soil too. But i also put it as a layer by its self at the bottom of the cups.That layer under the soil helps with drainage but it also helps plant not get “as root bound” as when the roots grow straight into the bottom of the cups.
Hope that helps?


Hey @Familyman420 Now I get it, totally helped! Funny I have not been able to get my hands on a propagator locally. I suppose this will be a perfect substitute. Will be trying out soon as I am confident enough to clone


Picture update of my Big buds and chocolopes that were started from seed on 15th December (most grown one at the back is an unknown likely to be cheese and started on 9th December). I need comments guys, do they look ok?

Also, I began using the flower power starter on them and I think they are responding great, suggestions?

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They are looking great. What kind of soil? Also id recomend getting the Ph of the run off from the 3 in the front left and the big one in the back if u havent already. They look like they need a lil extra love but they all look great overall Keep it up


I really do not know what soil this is except its good African dirt (only got my TDS meter yesterday hoping to get to know more about the soil). pH is still on the high side because it took a while to get my pH and TDS meters and was unknowingly watering in at 7.9 but its under control and everything going in is 6.0-6.5 so hopefully they respond to the extra love. Thanks Doc!


They look good
I personally would get them in bigger pots @GrinKnight


I agree with the guys, looking ready for transplant and probably getting hungry too.


Im thinking both need to be feed and transplanted @dbrn32
May even be getting a little root bound in those cups


I’d think you are absolutely correct. I use a context word like probably due to lack of info on soil, ppm’s, and ph. Attempting to not shoot from the hip anymore than is necessary lol, I’m learning. At the same time, it’s not difficult to apply thumb/eyeball method on this one.


I understand @dbrn32 hahaha yeah ive put my foot in my mouth shoot from the hip as well lol


Looking great @GrinKnight I second everyone else’s opinions, I know you have it covered. You’re doing great.


@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 I had a successful transplant practice over the weekend and feeling a little confident now. I’ve got a question however. Their final homes will be in 5 gallon pots indoors, should I transplant directly into those at this stage? Or should i go to a 2-3 gallon pot first?

I want to feed them now and transplant in 2 days, is that ok as well?


I personally don’t transplant more than once
Ill go from starter cup into my five or seven gallon pits for my photos indoors and go directly into 2 or 3 gal pots for my autos
So ill say transplant into forever homes @GrinKnight


Going to final pot will be fine as @Countryboyjvd1971 stated. The only advantage I see going into something between is to manage root growth. So if you were purposely trying to keep plant small until you were ready to flower. Or maybe you were limited on final pot size and didn’t want root mass getting too big too fast. Outside of a scenario like that, going from starter pot to final pot is pretty standard.


Look pretty happy to me glad you got the ph dialed in
Makes the difference.


Thanks buddie!


Hey @GrinKnight sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was reading the post from all and I would agree also but just one thing there is a lot off experience to be learned when you go through all off the transplanting at the right time and if anything is going worng at all you will notice it at those stages but you are doing great and we are all here to help :v:


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It’s been a while I posted, work has been crazy but I’ve been busy with my girls and the grow setup in general. Figured a quick update was due!

Finally got my lights delivered (two 600w HPS and two 400w MH) and switched to 12/12 HPS to flower 2 of my girls while the remaining girls are still vegging.

Quite happy I have no issues to report, but my question right now is when do I begin counting the flower period? From the day it was switched to 12/12?

Also there are 13 girls vegging under two 400w MH lights, is this ok or should I support with some CFLs


400W MH should be just fine.
Counting the flowering days is different for everyone. Some people count when pistols appear, and some count from the switch of 12/12. I personally just make a note of both, and if your checking trichomes when it’s close to harvest you’ll have a better idea of when to harvest anyways. All plants have their own schedules anyways and will ripen when they feel like it no matter the amount of time they’ve spent in flower. @GrinKnight I hope I’ve given you some understanding.


If you’re going to be following whatever a breeder quoted, that will usually be from first sign of pistils. Otherwise like @Covertgrower said, it is pretty much whatever you want it to be. If you run into problems later and are looking for help or whatever, it would probably be useful to have noted time from flip and when pistils are present.