ILGM Big Bud x2 + Chocolope x3



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Help! Two of my seedlings don’t look ok. Overwatering? Under Watering? pH?


They don’t look good my friend they look like they might be damping off it’s where eventually the stem of the seedling will just bend and die, what medium or soil are you using and how often are you feeding are watering your plan can you give me a p h level and maybe a PPM Reading maybe we can help you out somehow


Soil is just good old African dirt and I water (more like mist) them every other day. I have no idea what the pH is as I don’t water them enough to get a runoff at this seedling stage, any ideas how I can get a runoff? I recently got my pH meter and realised they were being watered with 7.9 going in, I have since adjusted the going in water to 6.5 however

My PPM meter is on its way, I suppose I’d know the kind of soil I am dealing with when I receive that


OK @GrinKnight runoff would be best but you can get a soil tester with would be fine for this phrase that you are at, and only feed maybe only every 3 to 5 day’s let you soil dry out as much as possible without stressing your plants out and if you are able to let them do that you could definitely get some runoff for sure.



I actually have this 3 in 1 meter but I have only read bad things about it in this forum so I do not bother with it.

Is this what you were referring to?

When I feed 3-5 days apart, does this mean I should feed them till I get the runoff each time I feed?


No I would use HM or blue lab products they can be expensive so I would recommend you going with the liquid soil tester it will give you a lot better indication of your p h levels, and not that 3in1. @GrinKnight try keep me updated ok.


Never heard of a liquid soil tester but I will look it up and keep you posted. Thanks mate


I agree with you seedlings look like the are damping off as @Johnzy81 mentioned
I would put a little more soil around base fill cup almost ip to top
Under and iver watering can look the same sunce your misting and plants look like they are 4-6 inches tall i would start hand watering lightly
And let cups dry out almost completely before you water agian
Did you add anything to soil like perilite to help with compaction and drainage ? Also i see roots in one of the cups they should be covered with dirt as well @GrinKnight


I’ll send you a photo of it my friend.



Ok @GrinKnight time to get them babies into their final home.
Here is a link to a web-site that will ship to you free i believe… for your soil or any thing else you mite need.



Welcome @GrinKnight you are in good hands here
Hope you are able to turn those seedlings around.
ILGM genetics are very resilient and forgiving. I will be watching your grow you are getting a good start.
All of us have been where you are at like me I had ph all goofed up and other issues but with the help and guidance I have received here helped me get to a great harvest with very high quality medical cannabis. Hang in there and welcome again!
Happy growing!


I use that same 3in1 meter to check the best light spots in the room and to check the moisture in containers in the hard to reach places to see if dry enough i need to lift them to decide if i need to water again or not as each plant gets it a little differnt as she needs it


@GrinKnight make sure there are holes in your cups! But like garrigan said, they are large enough to be transplanted. It’s possible that they’re wilty because they’re either under watered or overwatered, with no holes. The soil appears to be dry, but I dont know if there are holes or not. It could
Have a no water on the top, with a lake down below. Pictures only show so much.


Sorry for my late response guys, work has been hectic (quitting soon!)

@Countryboyjvd1971 I was not able to get perlite locally but the soil is mixed with coarse sand I believe and this helps with drainage, I get runoffs quickly when I water. Also yesterday, I slightly watered the seedlings that were wilting, one perked up and the other has remained the same so its confusing. I am yet to get a hang of how to know when the cup is almost completely dried up however

@Johnzy81 I will appreciate that as I failed to find it anywhere online

@garrigan65 I was unable to find soil on that website unfortunately.

I have 5 gallon pots I intend to make their final home but since I might have to continue using the dirt I have here, I was thinking I should receive my TDS meter first and know more about the soil before transplanting. What do you think?

@Growit thanks for those encouraging words, I will definitely be paying attention to what everyone has to say and hopefully I’d get to the finish line with quality buds to show for it.

@Familyman420 thanks for chiming in! I am glad the meter can still be of some use. Would it be good to test the soil moisture of my seedlings? I don’t think i’m great with lifting them to decide when its time to water…yet

@Covertgrower there are a couple of holes in each cup actually as I was afraid of having a lake down below as well. However, it seems to be under-watering because one of them perked up a while after I watered. I intend to stop misting and water them a bit more so that I can let the soil dry out before watering again, is that ok?


A good idea is to wiegh the cup when you first fill it before you water this will give you a dry wieght and a number you can work with to jusge how dry you are
Until you get more experience and can tell by feel


That makes a lot of sense, almost feel stupid for not thinking of that lol. Note taken!


All good thats what we are here for to buddy
You can also stick pointer finger in soil to second knuckle if it feels dry water :+1:


@GrinKnight so when i solo cups for photo. Plants or clones i put a1/4 inch of pumice stone in bottom first then the medium u choose. Anything like gravel or a few small pebbles will work. As long as water can drain easily out of the soil, it will also help with the holes NOT getting clogged by soil when u water, and it stops the dry on top and a mud swap in bottom. It allows water to drain better and air to get into bottom to help dry some. I also notice it helps plants not get as root bound since the roots wint hit bottom if cup and be pushed back starting root bound, they will grow down threw the pumice stone and airprune some. I think it helps with transplant shock, its what ibdo with the stuff i start inside for outdoors in spring.
Another little tip. I take a second cup on top and gentley sqeeze it over the plant and wrap some duct tape around the seem were the two cups meet and then i can stand then in the bottom if book bag and hike in with out damaging them, then use a razor blade and cut bottom cup off the roots/soil mass then plant in ground.the cups that dont get cut(top cup) i resuse.


Hey @Familyman420 thats invaluable advice right there, I will be using gravels at the bottom henceforth as I have that in my compound.

I don’t think I understand what you mean exactly and I intend to put some of plants in the ground in spring as well. This little tip strikes me as huge one lol, could you please expatiate?