ILGM Big Bud x2 + Chocolope x3

Finally ready to get my journal going! I will be needing a whole lot of help from everyone as it’s my first time growing any plants whatsoever (I have 2 unknowns I began practising with some weeks back and that has been encouraging, especially with all I’ve read on this forum :grinning: they are the 2 girls vegging nicely in the pictures)

Gotta get to work now, I will fill the support ticket and touch on the issues I’m facing so far as soon as I can.

@Covertgrower @Donaldj @Johnzy81


Looking good @GrinKnight
Ill be watching your grow
Looking forward to the support ticket info
Ill assist if i can
Also welcome ti the forum i know youve been around fir a little while but since it our first time

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks CB! You have helped me a lot with several advises on other posts without having a clue you did so lol. You guys are actually the best here, I feel most welcome

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Nice @GrinKnight im glad have help out already lol
We have the best membership here at iglm
All very knowledgeable and willing to help
Tag me with any questions if i cant answeee it ill fet you to who can :+1:

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: Big Bud, Chocolope and some bag seeds
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? - Soil in pots
System type? - NA
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? - 8.0 :astonished:
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: NA
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
Light system, size? - 17 CFL’s…125w bulbs (23w true wattage)
Temps; Day, Night: Day 74-80f, Night 72-74f
Humidity; Day, Night: Day 50-55%, Night 55-65%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: No
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: AC and Humidifier
Co2; Yes, No: No

This will be updated frequently as variables change


You need to get soil ph down you’ll definitely have issues at ph level of 8 @GrinKnight
Nutrients start to get locked out about 6.8
What the ph of water in ?

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Tell me about it!!! Only recently got the pH meter and I was beyond shocked but I am trying to work on that. The pH of the water in used to be 7.9 (before I received the meter) but now everything that goes in is between 6.0 and 6.5. Also, I am in West Africa and just have no access to all that fancy soil so I am using good old African dirt (heard it packs a punch)…waiting on my TDS meter to know what I’m dealing with exactly lol


Sounds good glad you got a meter and know to watch it
Both the ph the tds meter is invaluable tools fir us growers
@garrigan62 has some good recipes for homemade super soils
If he’s around maybe he jump in and post one or two fir you
Keep me pisted

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Thanks for tagging a helping hand, I will like to see what @garrigan62 has to offer with regards to homemade super soils.

Could you please have a look at the pictures above, are the seedlings still too young to be fed nutes?

Also, only the 2 big buds had their first set of true leaves go yellow but all other seedlings are just fine. Any ideas why?

I suspect it from the ph levels being out of range
I would get that sorted out first them start feeding when you have five sets of true leaves
And go gentle when you do start feeding
What line if nutrients are you using ? Or planing on using ?

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I do not water them enough to get a runoff as they are still young. The 8.0 runoff was recorded from the 2 big girls vegging already. Thats another hurdle, how do I test pH of these seedlings?

I got Flower Power nutrients along with my high yield pack, gonna go with those and see

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Yeah I realize that but ph your water in
Ive never tried the fkower power but ive heard only good things about it
Im going to oder some soon to try
I sure toull be finejust follow the directions
@Hogmaster has definitely used them and I believe garrigan has used them as well

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They are about ready for nutrients and so like @Countryboyjvd1971 said go easy with the nutrients at first.

My suggestion:

Organic potting soil – any brand is fine but i can recommend “Happy Frog” as i have worked with this. If you can find a higher grade soil with coco in it this will be prefered. Your going to need anywhere from 8-10 bags of soil.

Worm Castings. a staple of any soil mix. very easy to produce and a great sustainable solution for food scraps in any household. Worms are your friends. Get as much worm casting as you can. Add anywhere from 5-10lb’s or so…or more!

3/4 cup Azomite for trace elements – not essential to the grow, but will set you apart.

Epson Salt – 1cup should surfice. Add more if deficiency occurrs in flower. i highly doubt it will but if it does, mix a diluted foliar feed.

Bone Meal – 3lbs blood meal

Dolomite Lime – 1 cup

Humic acids are highly recommended. Apply as recommended. usually a couple tablespoons.

Bat guano – 5lbs or so.

a couple 5 gal scoops of perlite.

Remeber to let soil dry out prior to watering. Watering is key. A good rule of thumb is try to touch the plants less and keep notes of what you are doing. If you don’t know what you did to mess things up, how will you know how to fix it?

Since I only grow around 4 to 5 plants at a time for personal use the soil mix that I use is this:
1 big bag of Fox Farrn Ocean Forest
2 4lb bags of worm casings
1 pound bone meal
1 pound blood meal
3 cups epson salts
2 cups of dolomite lime
2 bags of perlite
Water well, mix well, let sit for at least 90 days prior to using
This is an organic mix and I never have to add any ferts during growing. My biggest problem is the girls getting root bound getting big enough containers that will fit in my small grow area


Thanks @garrigan62 fir posting here



That’s not a problem, Any time I can be of help



@GrinKnight I’m usually late to the party living Alaska. What part of Africa? Your girls look great so far. Like garrigan said with all of the food scraps and natural ingredients. Even if you don’t have access you can make something that will effective. Happy growing, glad to see ya around! Following along!


Hey yeah that’s no problem it’s all good to ask and been able to ask if I
can help you I will do keep it up :v:

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Hey CB, got super busy yesterday couldn’t get on here. Thanks for the tags.

pH will be monitored constantly and I will let you know how it goes with the flower power nutes (@Hogmaster any encouraging news about them?)

Would it make sense for me to get my pH in as low as 5.5-5.8? Just to balance out the high 8.0 runoff, or should I continue with 6.5 going in

Thank you so much @garrigan62

Why lie, that list is almost intimidating LOL but I will see how I can most of the items on it and keep you posted. I see its a long term plan being that one will wait for 90 days. Would it be ok to veg them in the current soil and transplant them to the homemade soil?

I will keep this in mind for sure, cheers!

Better late than never they say. I recently moved back to Nigeria having being in the UK for several years and its amazing how much things we do not have here. I will definitely have a look around town for those ingredients @garrigan62 so nicely listed out and update and tag you on my progress.