ILGM Autos |GSC Extreme, Gorilla Glue & Bruce Banner | RDWC | 13 Gallon | 5x5 | 1stHydroGrow

What’s growin on fellow greenthumbs!

This is my first ever hydro grow, as well as being my first attempt at auto-flowers. Thus I will appreciate any criticisms that aren’t aiming to bait or troll, thank you.

I will do my best to keep this thread updated and I hope you all enjoy the ride! :seedling: :evergreen_tree: :rocket:

Seeds –

Materials & Misc. —

  • Gavita Pro 1700e LED
  • Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5
  • AC Infinity 6" Inline Duct Fan (Intelligent Control) + 20ft ducting + 6" Carbon Filter
  • Gold Label HydroCorn XL
  • Levoit Humidifier w/ smart control
  • HiSense Dehumidifier (already had for basement – it keeps it around 50% RH instead of 70%)
  • Hangable heater
  • Air King clip fan (x2)
  • BlueDelta pH and EC pen
  • 4-bucket 13-gallon Fallponic RDWC System (by Gary at PA Hydro)
  • Water & Air pumps + Air stones (later will update air system for m0r O2)
  • Orbit water flow meter
  • Keynice digital thermometer
  • Kuman wall-socket power usage meter
  • Plastic Syringes (x10 60mL and x1 500mL)
  • Starter cubes and 6x6" cubes to cut into octagonal cylinders
  • Trifecta
  • Sulfur fungicide (had problems with powdery mildew in the past and got this just incase, though I hope to never have to use it by keeping the sorrounding space and tent clean af.

Botanicare Nutes –

  • Silica Blast
  • Pro Grow & Bloom
  • Cal-mag
  • Rhizo Blast
  • Liquid Karma
  • Sweet
  • Hydroplex
  • HydroGuard **
    ** (soon swapping for SouthernAg GFF that has same Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747* - but 98.85% concentration instead of 3% or whatever HydroGuard is.)
  • Later got Clearex for when flush, and now I’m debating on trying the additional Tea blend and Vitamino in the next grow, both by Botanicare.

Total Equipment + Nutes cost: ~$3,200.00

Energy Usage –

Energy Usage for 60 days = 1200kwh (1.2mwh) (x) ~$0.10 per kwh = $120.00
Another 30 Days (give or take some days) = $60.00
Total energy usage for ~90 cycle = ~$180.00

(In the coming months we’re installing a fairly massive solar system, so don’t worry about my energy usage). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Water Usage –

Source is a well-water RO system that reads 6.5 pH and 0 EC/ppm.
I haven’t done the best with keeping track of the water usage, even though I have the gauge… (it resets every 500gallons and I think its only done it once, but I’m not 100% on that lmao).

So… Assuming that I’ve used ~800 gallons, and the RO system is a 2-3 (meaning 2 gallons good for every 3 bad), I’ve used ~2,000 gallons (including tails from RO) of water over 60 days. Thus in total I predict this cycle to use ~3,000 gallons at least…

(Later on we will be collecting all the tails from the RO system and the grow for watering lawns and garden.)

The reason for so much water is the weekly flush to get the system below 50ppm before I add the nutrient recipe, which takes 50-80gallons.
The plants at this stage (week 7or8 from seedling) are drinking ~5 gallons per day.

Feed Sheet rough guide –

The system is 45.5 gallons at 70% capacity (13gal. x 5 x .7) and I run slightly over half-strength to recipe, thus I x25 everything for simplicity. making sure to add in the extra Cal-mag because RO water

VPD - Vapor Pressure Deficit rough guide –

For Reference Only!!

The Grow –

*Since I’m collecting this all now, 8-9weeks from seed, I’ll likely be a little off on some info and time-line. Next grow I’ll use a day-by-day method of logging it all on another thread here for better flow and organization.

  1. The seed’s tails popped April 23rd, so proceeded to place them tail down in (4) 1.5x1.5inch rockwool starter cubes. Color coded: Green = GG, Blue = BB, and Red = GSCe. Placed cubes into gallon Ziploc bag to keep the very needed relative humidity up.

    First GSCe out of the two sprouted, so moved it out of bag and into a bigger cube that was cut from a 6x6" block to be more like a octagonal cylinder than a cube. This helped it fit into the 8inch net pot and allows for an even spread of Hydroton pellets around the base.

  2. First week of growth for the seedlings was rough… likely from low humidity and overwatering.

  3. Second week was pretty rough as well… some light was leaking into the reservoir through the net-pots and maybe some pellets, so I made a custom cover from carboard and tape after trying an upside down paper plate that doesn’t work so well.

  4. Third week was a whole lot better, so assumingly it was the light leak issue and not oxygenation or something else. At this point I was able to get the rH stable at around 65-70%

  5. Trunks are starting to fill out and root systems getting big.

  6. Really starting to bush out at this point and pistils are developing on the one GSCe. Increased exhaust fan setting to 5 and 6 the next week.

  7. Didn’t document much this week. Rip

  8. Getting huge.

  9. Even huger-er. To keep humidity lower and in proper zone with temp I raised exhaust fan to 7 and opened a small part of the other side of the tent’s vent-flap at the bottom middle.
    Did a massive amount of defoliation and some lolli-poppin to GG and BB – and I think its still not enough… very glad I topped BB and fimmed GG earlier, otherwise they’d be way too tall for sure.

  10. ?!? we see based off how trichomes and pistils look…

Every few days or so I spray Trifecta, I don’t keep any hard schedule to it and variate the time of day I do it as to keep the bugs guessing. Haven’t seen anything in the tent except the occasional fly or house spider!

** will add pictures and more info to the weeks as I gather and upload! :slight_smile:

Things I did wrong/ to learn from/ implement –

  • Overwatered the seedlings the first week, especially the second GSCe.
  • The water level was too high the first week or two… the water level doesn’t need to be at the net-pot, as water bubbles rising to surface will create adequate moisture for the pellets and cubes. So start at 1.5" below net-pot, then down to 2.5" over week or two while roots grow down. No top feeding once they’re in the system!
  • Exhaust fan set to 4 and circulation fans on low the first few weeks, as to keep more humidity in the tent. Also it helped to raise the outside-the-tent humidity from 55% to 65%.
  • Light leaks through the net-pots and pellets into the buckets and causes fungal growth that can sustain itself even with lots of HydroGuard, thus I needed to completely seal the tops off. I did this temporarily with cardboard cutouts and gorilla tape, but I don’t think I like it as a final solution.
  • A top-off reservoir and water-chiller aren’t 100% necessary but they’d be great to have for less work and stress. The top-off reservoir can be implemented easily, I just have yet to order the parts and start building. The water-chiller might be acquired for the next grow, we shall see.
  • More oxygen to the root zone would be a plus, so next grow will be adding another air pump and 4 more “better-er” stones.
  • More meticulous canopy management is needed, I was afraid to mess with them too much while they were young and didn’t train them the best. I didn’t top the GSCe because its mostly an Indica but I did try to get better internodal spacing with some LST at first, then as they all grew up I kept bending down the leaders to get further growth around the entirety, but I didn’t keep up with it very well over time.
  • {others}

I hate to say it, but you have a serious issue with your uoloads, and images.

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Updated with pics, sorry about the wait.

Here are some basic pics of setup and stuff:

3 weeks to about a month left… is gonna be hard to time them all together for the flush. Any suggestions for that? I was thinking let the first GSCe go a few days late and pull the others a tad early… not exactly sure but it seems like the best option.


Found a little tree froggy boi :joy:

Also water and nute change today –

Before I start the water change I mix silica with half gallon of water and shake every 10min or so.
Then I start water cleanout by putting a drain pump in the outside reservoir and putting the fresh water hose into the farthest bucket inside. I’ll run about 50+ gallons through it till the ppm is below 50. Then I make sure it’s at a certain level and start the additions with hydroguard (soon to be replaced by SouthernAg GFF after its out).
Then after like 30min of the silica binding ill add the bloom and cal-mag. The pH in this first jug is ~5.4 and thus I just add it into the reservoir that’s ~6.2. After the pump mixes it into the system thoroughly I start the second gallon jug of the other remaining supplements and pH balance depending on what the system is at.

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Little update.

Another water and nute change will go down today.

Raised the light up over the GorillaGlue and BruceBanner, so it’s now kind of tilted, leading to better distance/ footprint for all them.

Started getting a massive springtail issue all around and in my house/basement. Luckily they will not destroy the grow, but they are very persistent and do not go away easily. Sprayed around the house, the basement, and used a slightly less-dangerous insecticide within the basement being careful not to kick up the spray. For a few hours and untill the spray dried I closed up the air vents for the tent, opened some basement windows and dealt with the high humidity while fumes settled.

The plants are looking spectacular, besides the start of light burn on the two tall ones that was corrected by raising the light to final setting, the only other stress factor right now is the humidity within the grow tent.

The hygrometer sensor on the ACInfinity setup must be slightly off/ and not 100% accurate because it’s always shooting from 62 - 70% while the sensor brick thats in the pocket up on the wall reads like 58% and the one below the canopy on a lid reads 55%…
I understand how air works (hot air rises and it carries more moisture…) but then why would the hanging/canopy hygrometer be so much higher than a side pocket that’s exposed as well, right above and next to it…

What I’ve taken from this is that it may just be a temporarily pocket, or the sensor isnt meant to be relied on to the exact percent…

Let’s just say the tents humidty is higher than I’d ultimately like, but to fix this I’d need to either lower the humidty in the buffer space/ basement, or add a small dehumidifier to the tent. I’m going to try making the basement 45% RH first.

Also lollipopped the stunted GSCe cus firetruck it, and trimmed some yellow and slow/low growth on bigger GSCe. Gorilla and Bruce need some TLC as well.

Anyways here’s some newer pics:

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About 2-3 weeks left as I’m gonna push the further along cookies for more yield on the bruce b. and gorilla g.

Managed to get the humidity down some by blasting the dehu in the basement/ buffer space. Also added a fairly big oscillating fan for air circ.

Havent had any issues with pH or ec while sticking to the 7day flush and dose.

Hopefully these beautiful girls will gain some serious weight in these next few weeks :smile:

For now im using a watch repair glasses kit for magnification, so sorry for some of the zoom pics being bad as my phone doesn’t mate well to the lenses.

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Looks incredible!!

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Have some bad news that couldve been much, much worse…

About last Tuesday I was checking on the ladies and noticed that the cookies had some dying leaves all around one of the larger top colas…

My heart instantly sank.

I peer closer and see what looks like grayish webbing in some of the lower cracks and crevices of the cola.

Mothertruckin botrytis (bud rot).

Soooooo I freaked tf out and harvested without any flush or dark cycle…

Immediately turned off everything that moves air.

I painstakingly cut out the noticeable bud rot, then pulled the cookies and placed it in a corner of the basement while I lopped the rest of the plants… I really didnt want to risk it.

Upon inspection of the trunks after cutting down I noticed that the cookies stem was starting to rot as well as some very small parts of the others. After removing the half-azzed covers I made to solve the light leak issue I also noticed some mold in the rock wool blocks. Not good…

What this all told me is that I fudged up by keeping the netpots and cubes covered the whole grow, as it didnt allow the moisture buildup to escape and thus enabled mold growth. A few times the water level went a little bit too high as well, fully saturating the block. This likely didnt help the issue either.

Originally I thought it was the high humidity that initially caused this, but quickly realized that it was likely not the cause but could easily have made it worse.

After looking at the roots in an even closer inspection I can tell that the air/support roots were starting to get unhappy and a little dark colored, despite the addition of hydrogaurd every week untill it ran out. Now using garden friendly fungicide by SouthernAg as it’s a much cheaper alt. I will likely top feed a lower dilution of the SouthernAg GFF next time.

The roots on gorilla glue were HUGE!

Most of the problems seemed to have come from the trunk mass that’s within the hydroton pellets and rockwool cube. So my theory is that there was way too much moisture buildup under the covers I made and that allowed the mold to thrive and replicate. I need to rethink the light leak solution. Maybe a light proof fabric that still breathes well, then remove later on when canopy is large…

Lessons learned all around though👍🏻

I didnt want to dry them in the same area so I used the garage where it’s a fairly constant 45-50% humidity and 70 degrees. I only hung up the bruce and gorilla glue together. The cookies started in cardboard way far away after delicately going through every square centimeter of the plant. I think I lost about a third or so of the cookies. Some of it looked alright but was so close to an infected part I didnt feel like risking it.

It defintely sucks that the bruce b. and gorilla g. didnt get their full time but theres always next round :wink:

I’ve finished with trimming the bruce banner and halfway through gorilla glue and I’m fairly shocked with Bruce’s final numbers, considering it was missing out on some highly crucial weeks of plumping up.

Total for the Bruce is 269g or 9.5oz :star_struck:
About 2/3 popcornish nugs and 1/3 standard.

The gorilla glue is looking to be about 6oz of mostly popcorn – will stay updated with the total gram per watt by next week.

Here are some pics of the BB and GG buds/budlets:

All in all I’m really happy with the end results, considering the almost catastrophe towards the end. I dont think I’ll be reaching the gram per watt goal quite yet, but I was dealing with a runt and loss of extra weeks so meh, next time. All I know is that this setup has some insane potential! Shout out to a few people like Gary from PAHydro who designed and built the fallponic system. Also some people from YouTube like InsideHyrdo, f5f5quick, and some others I’m likely forgetting. They will likely never see this, but their videos and knowledge base has helped me out a ton! Hydroponics can be very challenging and daunting at times , but seeing the insane rate of growth and those gigantic root balls makes it worth it :grin:

If you read this whole thread ur a champ and I applaud you. Lmao


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