ILGM Autoflowering strains


Cool thanks I certainly will!


If you don’t mind would you let me know how things go @Phillyboy67 just wondering what part off the world are you mate.


I’m in Arizona in the US and it’s the middle of the desert!! And I definitely will let you know


So it’s not going to be to easy for you then to get this type of stuff or would it be ok man?


@Phillyboy67 you can email me it mite be better to keep up to date on this on my friend @Countryboyjvd1971 is it ok to put email address on the forum my friend?


It should be okay…I hope


I will find out and if I can help you I will for sure✌️out.


Thanks again that’ll be great :sunglasses:


No sir @johnzy81 that would get the 2 of you suspended
No personal info


@Johnzy81 and @Phillyboy67
absolutely no exchanges of personal info youll be banned or suspended if you do
Ill also suggest that you both read the forum policy as well
Sorry guys but in the end its for your protection
Thanks @Nug-bug :+1:
Here it is guys stay with in these guidelines and youll be fine thanks for understanding

It is pretty simple. ILGM is providing a uniquely friendly Cannabis community. We expect all members to agree and cooperate with our policies; Set forth herein.

Section 1 Posting links
No links to any competing commercial websites.

You can post links to They are our affiliate partners.

You can post educational links and youtube links as long as there is
absolutely no commercial branding or merchandise or links to merchandise
offered on the page.

If you go to a page at another website and anything is for sale, a
banner to a seed bank, or anywhere that sells grow supplies, etc… You
cannot post that link.

Posting of personal info
Posting of emails or solicitation of any personal contact information, phone numbers, addresses, etc, in the public forum is prohibited and will lead to account suspension.

Personal conduct
Vulgar language will not be tolerated. Post in a friendly appropriate manner, or be subject to editing and possibly suspension.

If an ILGM staff member asks you to edit remove or, edits your post for a violation of forum policy; You are expected to comply in a friendly appropriate manner and move on. A member who confronts an ILGM staff after moderation will be subject to account suspension

Imporatant note:
All Forum moderation and Administration decisions are final.
Do not email ILGM customer support in relation to forum Administration. This will lead to account suspension.

ILGM Customer Support is for the purpose of answering queries in regard to seed orders and questions concerning products for sale on the ILGM website/s

Let’s all keep it real and have a good time on the best forum in the W3.

We love helping you to grow successfully. :smiley:



@Countryboyjvd1971 I had check it on the terms and conditions rules are rules and off course I completely understand thanks for the reply :+1:.


No worries I would rather have to post the info all day long them see somebody violate it because they are unaware
Happy growing @Johnzy81


You too my friend @Countryboyjvd1971.


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 will make sure to keep within the guidelines :sunglasses:


Thats all we ask @Phillyboy67
Thanks fir understand guys


Yeah I checked that one out mate thank you for the heads up tho and sorry about the delayed response :v:️.


No worries bud, just don’t want anyone especially newbies that don’t know to get banned


Thank you and sorry for taking so long to respond…lot of medical issues here my friend:frowning_face:


It’s all good @Phillyboy67 the people on the forum have our backs.


I’ve noticed they’re very helpful, and the patience with new growers is beautiful too…Lot’s of great info here