ILGM Autoflowering strains


@bob31 sounds good will definitely let you know.
Thank you


@bob31 Oh ok thanks


@Phillyboy67 you can go that way if you like but the best way with Autoflowers is just watching for the signs she will tell you when she is ready. I have grown a few myself and I love there hardiness and way off doing there own thing just keep them tidy and planty off lovin here is a photo of what you need to watch for the sings

it’s a great tool for the jod the good old magnifying loupe keep growing :v:


Thank you so much @Johnzy81 I been watching her close and she’s just spreading out and getting taller the pistles are still just growing but no flowers and this is day 54 but hey she may be one of the autos that get bigger than normal lol I’m not complaining hopefully when she does flower I get a good yield!!


@Phillyboy67 it’s sounds like everything is going just fine she is pre flowering and if she does go to even 90 days and all stays good for you it will be worth the wait keep going and keep and eye for those Amber Trichomes :+1:if you have any questions feel free to ask my friend.


Will definitely be asking a lot of questions!! LOL


there she is!!!

Indoor growing and Nutrient advice from some of the best

She really looks very well @Phillyboy67 :+1:.


@Phillyboy67 do you grow organic or synthetic?


Thanks…I’m sitting up at 1:40 am because of a dang headache!!..took my meds waiting for them to kick in lol


Not sure what you mean, I’m using Flower power nutes and coco coir and coco chips with perlite and each week I add a organic fertilizer (dry) to supplement


Ah s*** mate not good I suffer from cluster migraine too can stop me for weeks at a time hope your meds kick in fast for you @Phillyboy67 it actually 9.30am where I am.


Oh wow!! Where are you? And this is just a regular annoying one but my wife suffers from the migraine and yes week at a time sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Phillyboy67 I am in Europe, I have tried all sorts off conventional medications to no avail at all so I am now medication myself and thankfully I’m doing well I wish you both the best also folks really.


Thanks I feel helpless sometimes when she gets hers…nothing takes them away!


@Phillyboy67 I still have one off the doctors meds that still have to use sometime it is called immigrant nasal spray 20 mg


Oh wow wondering if they have it here


It can be hard on your stomach but there is no codeine are morphine anything that severe in it as an ingredient at all so that all great I hope you can get to it.


I wish too for my poor wife because we have tried everything


Here is some photos of it maybe you could show them to your doctor and they will know exactly what would mean