ILGM Autoflowering strains


Looking to purchase some Autos for a first time (auto) grow. Do you measure flowering time “from seed”, or from germination? i.e., two weeks from seeding popping?


@medmanmike excellent question! I haven’t dived into autoflowers yet, but @bob31 and @Countryboyjvd1971 have grown them and will give you an answer. Maybe even @Ron330
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I kind of get the feeling people just measure the time they sprout to the time they chop it down with autos. They kind of just do what they are going to do. Do I think the description on them refers to total grow time.


@medmanmike. The flowering time starts when the auto starts to flower. They normally vegg for about 3 weeks,then will start to flower. But I ordered 20 wwa and some of them have not autod


flowering times are just the time it spends in flower. Does not include the veg time…

I have grown 2 batches of white widow autos (4 each grow) from ILGM, and they took 80 to 95 days to finish, seed to harvest…


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Ron330, thanks. I have a 12 week window coming up and hoped I could squeeze in a few autos. Cheers! I’ll probably go with a few 40+ days, ie ILGM Super Skunk 48 +, or Greenhouse seeds Sweet Mango 7wks +, or DNA’s 60 Day Wonder 60 days from seed. Thx!


@medmanmike keep in mind, different seed banks all have differing times to finish. On IGLM, they list flowering only time. On another sight I have used, they list seed to harvest times.


From signs of first pistols @medmanmike
Thats when you start counting
But its best to just use visual techniques to determine harvest imo


I grew 60 day wonder last season, I renamed it 120 day wonder…
Pleasant smoke , but its not worth the hassle…
ILGM white widow autos were wonderful experience to grow, easy, very hardy and cold tolerant, pretty OK size bud and very pleasant medicine…
I am germinating 25 Auto PK now and will be adding it to my winter grow…


They be finished when they ready…
I would put pretty safe time frame for autos at 80-120 days…
This strains saying 60 days from germination is balloney or the breeder grew them in incubator :wink:

Anyway, autos are fun, everything is happening soooo fast …love it

Happy growing !


A ninety day window will work with an auto. They flower almost day 30 of sprout and usually finish after flowering about 60 days @medmanmike


Thanks everyone - appreciate the into!


There a lot of fun to grow :wink:


My first auto is a Super Skunk and it’s been 82 days since she popped her head out. She’s 35" tall, full and quite lovely. I’ve read autos are a bit different when it comes to determining when to harvest and it’s best to use the trichomes. Is that the way to go? I have 3 of these in three different stages. The first 2 look more like a Sativa and the 2nd has some leaves with only 3 parts, and the 3rd and youngest is looking to show her Indica heritage. It sure is cool but is this normal? I’m so glad that, for the first time in my life, I took the ex’s advice and got me a hobby.
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Exactly my concern I have a northern lights auto from ilgm and I’m on day 45 from it cracking the soil/coco and she looks pretty good and getting tall. So pretty much what you are saying is that once it goes into flower start to count the supposed “56” day count?


You might consider double checking your paperwork/ emails. Most autoflowering go into flowering about the 30 day mark.

From the seedshop website “The flowering period is around 56 days on average”

56 days average. You could go longer or less.

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@bob31 I germinated them and after two days they cracked, then on December 5th I placed them in my coco/coco chip and Perlite mix then started my count.I always count from when they sprout there tap root and get placed in the mediums.I also date the pots as well as jot down the date in my journal…I have a YouTube channel also where I document my progress…you could go on my YouTube channel and take a look but mainly to see what I’m doing and possibly help me with some experienced advice on what I’m doing and what I could do better…this is my very first grow and I’m on a fixed income so I’m basically using the best equipment that my less than $800.00 a month budget can afford…I’m a disabled veteran with too many health issues to name and I’m trying to grow my own medicine because I simply cannot afford the dispensary prices (the seeds I’m using are donated) so if you could please look at my channel and any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
P.s. the channel is nastynigga100 again thanks! these are the donated seeds

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