ILGM autoflower time


Had anyone else been into 113 days with ILGM autos?
My blueberry and amnesia haze took that long to finish but was some of the best smoke I had ever had.
I see people on YouTube saying autoflower start to finish in 80 days. At 80 days mine no where near. I’ve done 4 auto grows starting my 5th now.


You can flip them to 12/12 to get them to flower if you want them to finish faster. I’ve read about autos going 5-6 months sometimes.


Thanks for the reply they had no problem flowering the fan leaves are almost all yellow, I know it’s about done now this is the end of my 4 auto run. Bud big and tight just the tricomes are still clear
But all of the autos I bought from ILGM have went a few weeks over 100 days. I’m just wondering if it is ILGM genetics or not. I see YouTube videos people finishing in like 70 days but most day theirs is from cropking


I am loving the autos
They are a bit more therapeutic. The ruderalis genes
The amnesia haze was fire! Couldn’t even tell it was an auto. It’s seriously like 3 or 4 hits and you have a great few hours


Probably is the phenotype. I actually prefer a longer veg time because I like bigger yields and more time in case there are issues.


Little control over much if you ain’t ready …TOUGH here it comes


Just took some top nuggets off and manicure, some of the lower colas still need a few days via trichomes


Week 14 Northern Lights autoflower. Smell fruity, it didn’t have much of a smell until about a week ago.
All the fan leaves are yellow falling off. Mmm can’t wait