ILGM Autoflower mix result? AH,BB,NL


Fellow growers who are growt these strains lets compare our plants before i finis mine :mountain_biking_man: . Which medium,which tehniques, which lights, how long after sprouting to harvest, how tall, which nutes. Please share own do’s or dont’s to me.


I have two bba going but not a lot to show at the moment they are only a few weeks only
I going to top mine in the next couple days
Needs to be done early if you do it
If you have any questions ill be around just tag me


Thanzx :grinning: for help. Appriciated.
I top my AHa day 22 from sprouting and i think/isee this is too late ;( never again.
I must correct myself, topped AHa is recovered with same amount time like her sister with LST and there same. When you do right time topping you save yourself some LSTing or tucking, really dont matters when you want spend time with them =)
I know I do. But yes AHa is a good when topped too.


I have 3 bba’s 6 weeks into flower. 2 are dwc, 1 is in coco. The dwc’s are totally out-performing the coco. My opinion on dwc vs coco is that while both are considered hydro, the 2 mediums are very different commitments. The daily maintenance is easier with the dwc, but the weekly routine is kind of a pain. There are things about my setup that make it a bigger pain though. I don’t have a sink in my basement, so I’m carrying buckets up and down the steps. My next grow is all coco. I think everybody develops their own favorite based on their own environmental factors and personal tastes.


Same with buckets :wink: but i have luckly soil medium and dont need so much :wink: how long takes BB to grow, i mean different stages? Thats what i see i think BB takes longer than ILGM says. About 3monts and more what my girls for now aim. But never know, ive seen runts go wild and overrun sisters who are 2 times bigger. Its all about genetics and like you said preferences :wink: thanx


Even though mine are week 6, i’d guess they need 3-4 more weeks, not 2. We’ll see how it plays out.


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Day44 knowledge:
AHa is very resistant plant, that i know.
BBa is slower than AHa and NLa =)