ILGM-Auto- Z-Kittles (4th Grow)

She yielded 18oz bud, 9oz of popcorn and trim. She shaded out her sister plant. The smaller plant is the ones i took the clones from, flowering clones. The clones i flipped to flower at 41 days from cutting from there mother. They are almost at 7 weeks of flower now. They are almost 3ft tall in 1 gallon pots

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I usually only go 5 days or it gets to dry for me then trim and into Tupperware and see what the RH is after a few hours and overnight
Leave open or add leaves until RH is stable overnight to around 63 then I weight it and bag it up that puts me around 62 RH when put into bags

No I don’t, I think it’s more strain related if you do or don’t and what the RH is in your specific area of growing

Greta line up and new equipment good luck tag me in if you start a new journal
smoke sum if you got sum

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Spanks, CJ, much respect to you both. Lots of great techniques to try and mimic. I have a non gardening background,…

But I seem to be getting High with a little help from my friends…

Somebody needs to write a song about that. :grin:

I actually added the humidifer to the dark drying closet / former grow box.

Currently the box is at 71F with 60% humidity.

I am pinching the buds for the tried and true @Hellraiser spring back.

I think i am about 80 hrs into the drying.

I am probably going to trim a little bit… just for learning. Harsh, Hot weather here.

I think you stated Spanks you would prefer to go in a tad on the wet side along time ago.

Are you just allowing Grove bags to level it all out at 62% RH or are you just using tupperwear to cure out over time?

@spankyjr1 @CooterJuice …I know that 3x3 might not be ideal, but how many would either of you attempt in that space? I know there maybe diff school of thoughts… hlg 350 diablo, 6 inch infinity exhaust.

1 plant 7 gal?

3 at 5 gal for access to plants?

4 at 5 gal?

In my head, I am going to veg 8 wk…grow into scrog 1… Then scrog 2 when needed…flip 8 approx wk. I will get better way to view cloudiness when that time comes. I got 2 POS loupes. Not sure might be my POS old eyes?

I am getting operation soon. Not sure how mobile for awhile, but Ill get back to semi health I hope.


Why not run 4 in 5 gallons. That will fill the space faster and you’ll be able to flower sooner.


Yes I go into Tupperware a little wet so They don’t get to dry and you have to add moisture back in. I’m more in control of the drying process like this, then they cure in the grove bags after reaching 63% RH

1 plant will fill that space but you would need a longer veg time.

It also depends on what strain you are growing to decide how many plants you want in there if they are bushy and short or tall and thin?

I would probably go with 2 plants in 5 gallon if you are going to scrog in a 3x3

Lets tag a couple others who scrog and are willing to help @kaptain3d @merlin44 @MeEasy any thoughts?


Thanks for the tag @spankyjr1 but I doubt that I can help much beyond what has already been offered. For me the best way to figure out how an individual wants to grow is a matter of trying different things over a couple of grows and select the methods that give you the results that you are happy with.

I can certainly tell you that I did a lot of experimentation over my first few grows before settling on my current growing techniques.


Exactly what I would do too! :nerd_face:

I have a 3’ x 5’ and I usually do 3 plants.


Appreciate the feedback. I think I will give 2 / 5 gal a attempt with the photoperiod plants.

It is going to be a game time decision if I will attempt the GDP or that Kalifornia Kush.

I am going to have to go back read about the strains again.

I do think 4 autoflower, cut to 6 or 8 cola might work in the space. I would do 3 for sure, 3 gal bags.

Getting back to the subject of this Grow.

ILGM Z-Kittle Auto

…-vs- ILGM Wedding Cake Auto last grow.

Hands down the Wedding Cake Auto by far for aroma, taste, abuse tolerated during grow, easy to grow, just everything when comparing my attempts.

I think WC just a better strain…IMO. Would Highly reccomnend.

I am definitely going to come back sometime for another round of WC.

Z-Kittle will be smoked down to the last spec in the C-vault.

I am not getting any lack of proper flush taste with this Z-K plant on the test weed I smoked earlier. Tastes good.

Z-Kittle Auto, Got a nice buzz to it, I’ll give it a decent rating.


CJ I ask. Flower sooner meaning just more (twice) plant growing why veg longer?

I want to get good light penetration to lower part of plant and get solid buds down under.

I got awhile efore this next grow starts. I got some time to think.

What did you think about that Photoperiod Wedding Cake you Grew out?
Looked beautiful, BTW.


Sorry i didnt word that quite right. If doing photoperiods. More plants to fill the space and create a full canopy you can veg for a lesser amount of time and flip to flower sooner since your canopy will become fuller faster

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6/22/2022 Day 92- Plant was cut down 4 days ago 96 hr.

2 cola trimmed yesterday. 4 cola still hanging, thankfully.

I put humidifier back in the Grow/Dry closet.

I Yesterday I took 2 of the 6 cola and trimmed and put in a 1.5 gallon Tupperware to start burping the weed. I have 2 more 1.5 Gal Tupperwear.

Obviously the first 2 cola I am burping now (3 day Dry) were way too wet as I am getting mid 75% when I open the container after a couple hours of one eyed sleep. Always the thoughts or the Pains keeping me from sleeping. I got to go under the knife later this week to correct some nerve problems. It is going to suck! I got to get rid of the pain though.

I’m going to keep burping the weed and sealing all day today, got to get that down into the 60s. I got to get all this tubbed up by Thursday.

I do have three 1.5 gal container. I am thinking maybe this afternoon taking 2 more of the cola and put with spare hygrometer in tub 2 this afternoon Day 4.

The Last 2 cola, trim and tub the last two Cola on Thursday Day 5. All in separate tubs. With hygrometers.

I think the weed is going to cure out and be OK.

I do see now that in the dry closet I can keep the temp down and the humidity where I want it. This will be a nice dry box.

The weed hanging I think is getting close to be needing to go to tubs.

It is all just a experiment to me, and I will agree with @merlin44, you have to find your routine that works in your space and you are happy with the set up. I am still finding my way. Going to find it with Lighting by HLG for sure.

I am guessing I will get 2.5 Ounces out of this plant for my mind.

This HLG 135 v2 is not a bad lamp for the space 22"x22" if not overcrowded with plants.


B E A utiful Work , congratulations :beers::partying_face:


Good job my friend congratulations :smiley:

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6/23/2022 Day 93

Here is the total bud chunks I have from the one plant. I am thinking about taking the stems off and separating the long cola into pieces. I know that quickened the drying process. Did I hurt or speed up the process by doing that…I am sure I did.

The first two cola once I separated into small chunks after 80 hours of hang dry were reading 75% on hygrometer after 2 hr in Tupperwear tubs.

The Following day after 104 hours of drying, I trimmed and separated the last 4 cola into bud chunks and sealed. After 2 hours they were reading 57% on the hygrometer, so I threw in a piece of fresh apple for a few hours.

This morning I am reading mid 60s on the two tubs. I put all of my Nature’s Bounty in my ¼ LB C-Vault container. I gave a few nice bud chunks to a friend. I am going to guess about 3 Oz from this ILGM Z-Kittle Auto. It will put a nice Buzz on your head.

Now off to get knocked out and cut on here shortly. Milk of Amnesia, the old Mike Jackson Special on the burner for this afternoon. Does anybody really enjoy letting stranger knock you out and cut on you? I am not really into it myself. Sometimes we just got to have some blind faith. It is Off to see the wizard here shortly… Hold my Beer…


Ta-Da! Last pic of the thread.

After all the weed put into C-Vault I opened after 2 hr and hygrometer reading 70 RH going to try and get it dialed down to 62% RH in the can.

Going to open and close for the rest of the morning. Around here if you let you weed sit out it will dry out pretty quick.

Stay Lit My Friends.

All for now.


Very nice! :star_struck:

Harvest congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:


Looking good brother!!:beers:


Looks awesome my friend congratulations :smiley:


Great job Mr Work :beers::partying_face:


looking fantastic