ILGM-Auto- Z-Kittles (4th Grow)

Hope everybody in internet land is doing well. This will be old school Inside Grow:

  • 2 Each Gold Leaf Auto - ILGM Seeds Purchased 2019
  • HLG 135 (V2)
  • 22x22 Converted Interior Closet
  • 4 Inch Infinity Fan
  • 4 Inch Hole Drilled for Air Intake In Closet wall.
  • Dirt Grow 3 Gal Fabric Bags
  • Happy Frog
  • Old School Trio Nutes.
  • 2 small fans to circulate the air

Anticipating a 100 day sprout to cut. These seeds purchased in late 2019. I have always had hell Germinating these, but with the splash of peroxide, they all cracked.

I just gently place them in the jiffy plug with Tweezers, so currently I have the lamp on 37 watts. Here are a couple pics. I have the fan on because I am allowing the bags of dirt to acclimate to the 69F inside temp of the house. Closet hit me with a earthy smell so started up the air exchange within the grow chamber.

The next couple weeks after sprouting are the critical times for me. I have hell getting these a few inches tall. Once they are at that stage they seem to take my abuse well.

I am attaching some of my Grow Buds and hopefully they can watch and be proud of this old man with bad hands.

The Horticulture bad Asses I am including are just the people I can remember well.

BTW: I am wearing a name tag to identify myself in the mirror with only around 20% accuracy…

@spankyjr1 @hellraiser @beardless @Dennis62 @Capt.Cola @OGIncognito @MeEasy @Caligurl @CooterJuice @dbrn32


I’ll be watching. Thank you for the tag! Gold leaf became a favorite of mine quickly. Happy growing.


You got this!
Good luck


Set to watch brother!! Hope you have been doing well!!


Nice setup great choice for nutrients and strain, should be a good one to watch.
Ill grab my watching paraphernalia :cupcake: :popcorn: :beverage_box: RoorRip


Back in the saddle - good to see.
I thought maybe you would jump to coco & Jack’s.
I was thinking Gold Leaf is a good sized plant but see the auto is listed as compact.
Hanging out and good luck


Nice looking setup!


Sweet! TY for the tag!! I’ll be lurking in the corner!!

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Yumm… Love me some Gold Leaf. I’ll tag along if that’s OK.


set to watch

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Set to watch my friend, good luck man :smiley:


I see a big chunk of the peanut gallery is present. Hope everybody is stoned and happy this morning.

Currently waiting patiently on some life to sprout above the plug peat line. Reminds me almost of waiting on Children to be born. :heart_eyes:

I was going to try to put seeds straight into the cup with the HF FF Dirt in it but the various pieces made me go with the fine peat or what ever they put in the jiffy plug with the tweezers.

I know for sure. Not one Drop of this tap water is going to be introduced into the mix.

I just did a shits a giggles check on the tap and I have North of 800 ppm of guaranteed BAD particles of stuff floating around in there. You know the old saying fool me once, twice, three times…well on this 4th Grow will not be any crap water added.

The RO water was in at 47 PPM filters are a couple months old but will work. I wont PH until I add the chems.

For the new grow folks can’t PH your water under 100 PPM as there are not enough IONS in the water for accurate reading. Tip shared with me by the Weed Whisperer @spankyjr1 awhile back.

Just like the last Grow 3 Wedding Cake into my crammed closet, I am going to record RUN OFF so I can continue learning the fine art of Growing Weeds.

Yes the gold leaf auto are squatty. I am hoping best case to pull 3 oz per plant. I do think this is the Prettiest one of the varieties I have grown Gold Leaf, Wedding Cake, Z-Kittle.

I have been smoking a steady bit of wedding cake for along while. Just want to change it up a bit.

I learned last time that the HF FoxFarm can be various stages of hot within the same bag. I am going to be interested to see how these Run off right from the point where they are in the 3 gallon bags and are at that stage.

I am hoping I can get a thought from the crowd on if my RO water is 47 PPM and I want +100 PPM for the PH meter to lock accurately…This if for the first few weeks where the FF Dirt is providing nutes…

I am thinking just a Walt Garrison Pinch Between Cheek and Gum Of Epsom Salts to bring PPM above the 100 PPM stage for a Good Lock of the PH meter?

Any thoughts?


Just a little calmag should bring it up you’ll need some in the soil eventually since FF is lacking both

I’m in trim jail at the moment I had that male SCB CBD that flung some pollen and one of my plants has seeds on the lower half Guess I didn’t clean it off as good as I thought

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Spanks, Glad you threw in your thoughts on the matter. I value your opinion. Appreciate you giving your time.

What is SCB?

I think got CBD portion.

Were you growing something for pain? I feel like ice pics and hammers being used on these hands of mine?

Starting to have hell lightin the lighter. Might have to start lighting up the stove with @Caligurl. Pretty sure my lungs would thank me.

I still think about that Critical Cush you had growing out in that picture that time. Pretty Plant.

Are you growing in CoCo and Jacks or Advance Nutrients?

I saw ILGM was advertising some 30% THC seeds the other day. Cant remember the name of seed? I want to buy a few photo seeds and not sure which ones to get. I want. Lights out. Big ass yield.

I want to grow, and quit. So these auto are too small. Rather grow a few big ones a year in 4 months time. Investing 100 with these Auto. So go 5 more weeks… Cure it. Freeze some.



Super Critical Bud CBD (Seedsman) Think they gave me regs instead of fem
has 17% THC and 15% CBD
Yes for the pain I’ve had 4 surgeries on my right arm/hand/shoulder/wrist/elbow
Still have another couple ounces of the critical kush in jars in the fridge
I’m hoping it was a regular seed that was male I’ll try and grow them out so it would be a cross of Afgoo and SCB CBD (would it be fem or Reg IDK?)
About halfway done trimming the WW now

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How did WW yield out? I see ILGM advertise as Big Yields. How true is that?

How do you like WW from taste and effect stand point?

Feel free to Post a pic or 3 if you want. I’m just sitting around hoping for my Triplets to be born. Giving one away after birth is the plan.

Even though these are auto seeds I’m still going to top above 4th give me that umbrella tip down shape which I need for this small space. These will be small but i really like the look of this Gold Leaf buds while Growing. I think maybe 2.75- 3 oz per plant going off my other Grow of the GL.

My one GL plant I grew out previously I screwed up the finishing up ridding the dirt of nutes so affected the taste. Still smoked it, but slight metalic, bitter after exhale. Live, grow, learn, adjust.

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Maybe my “back in the saddle” reference wasn’t far off. Skoal
I never considered the franchise to be America’s Team, actually it was an insult to the Packers and Bears, but I certainly respected a lot the players.

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Oh don’t want to get my thread shut down me defending my Candy @ssed Girls. :rofl:

Boys just can’t seem to grab them by the throat like they use to do. Kinder Gentler ain’t good when you trying to win games. :cowboy_hat_face:

I just loaded up the cart at Seedsman and when I go to create the account it tells me that my birth date is not correct. I was born AD so cant seem to figure it out. Maybe Mozilla Browser?

Never ordered from them but wanted to get a few photos there. Anybody running into that problem? Is a 2 week average about right on shipping times from Seedsman to mid USA?

These young whipper snappers around here are like WTF are these old coots referring to?


Starting to wonder about these seeds.

Water Soak at 9 AM on 13th
To Jiffy plug on 16th. All Cracked small tails
Moist, Temps 74-81
37 Watts Lamp
Today day 5 since I soaked

Still below peat line on Jiffy plugs.

I’m thinking today I need to see some activity above ground or I may have to float a few Wedding Cake (Good Easy to Germinate & Grow) to try and Grow out. This Gold Leaf…I have only gotten one to actually sprout…2 I think …I killed one with the lamp

Just pulling your chain.
I have only ordered from ILGM. No help with Seedsman.