ILGM Auto White Widow, Pro Mix, Advanced Nutes

No this is great info in fact I recently pm’ed garrigan for the info he had from when you switched him into Pro mix maybe six months ago, and I have all that saved too

Can I ask why you’re changing from Hydro?

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I’m fixing to start soaking another auto WW, and I’ll try doing 1 scoop of perlite, and 2 scoops of Pro Mix.

Figure I’ll ease myself down.
It seems like the seedlings would almost stay too wet in straight pro mix.

I’m not familiar with Botanicare…

It sounds like the Advanced Nutes I’m using work similar in the pH buffering.

I didn’t test for pH at all this last grow, and no one seemd to think the plants were showing to much of a problem. :slight_smile:

But, I always like to see what other people think about other products in a real life grow. :slight_smile:

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Oh man I don’t know anything about promix but I know something about perlite cuz I used to grow in it Hydroponicly

Using no more than 25% perlite is best, I like 20-25% max, do yourself a favor and don’t do two to one ratio!

Promix has enough peralite in it you shouldn’t have to add any

those are beautiful :wink: i’m trying my hand with white widow auto have a question for you, did you put more than one plant in your pot?

Thanks, 1 seed/plant per container.

I’m only using 2 gallon pots for each plant, and by harvest, the container is just about solid roots.


awesome :sunny: the pots I’m using are 2/3’s the size of a 5 gallon bucket do you think they will be big enough to hold them? I’m not using any extra nutrients and have them in Miracle Grow potting soil will that be enough? Thank you tons :blush: