ILGM Auto White Widow, Pro Mix, Advanced Nutes

They look great! I have a blog too, and my ladies are behind yours in size. You are doing a great job

Update pics.

They have filled up my box.

The WW is 54 days old now.

It has slowed down on drinking, and I’ve noticed the buds getting a lot bigger over the last week…

Here is the Blueberry at 50 days old!

It is starting to slow down on water, and it is also putting on bud size.


How tall is WW? Is it an auto or photo? Looks good!

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They are both autos.

The WW is about 14/15 inches… It’s Pretty short.

Not sure how much of that has to do with my light, the 1 gallon pot, or just the genetics.

The Blueberry is taller though. It is about 20 inches tall.

I’d like to see them get bigger next grow…

They are bushy enough though. lol


They’re looking great ! … not too long now

For bigger plants you would need 3 gallon pots

Keep us posted !

Yeah, I’m thinking they might be ready to start the flush next week.

I’m not sure my box can fit 2 3 gallon pots. :frowning:
Maybe the fabric kind, but I’ve never used those, so I’d hate to switch just when I’m starting to think I’m getting the hang of it.
That would just give me something new to stress about.


I think once these are out, I’ll be growing another auto WW andauto BB in 2 gallon pots.

Kind of curious to see how much bigger the Blueberry gets that time. :slight_smile:
That’s unless I buy some auto super skunk.
I’ve been wanting to try that now. :slight_smile:

Decided to start flushing.

The Auto WW at 59 days old.

Also decided to start flushing the Auto Blueberry as well at 55 days old.

I think I did better than my first grow, I just hope I’m not flushing to early…

My first harvest has ran out though, so I might be getting a little inpatient.


They both look great! Congratulations I knew you double yield on this one, and next time double again!

I downloaded the best pictures and looked at them I don’t think it’s too early to flush, they both look great ! …keep us posted !

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I’ve only grown to Autos they were a Northern Light X big bud cross they said 70 days but for me they were perfect at 83 days I had about 20% amber then

I try to pick at maximum THC and 10 - 20% Amber so there’s none of that paranoid /edgy buzz

As always, thanks for the replies @Paranorman!

I think I’ll start pushing them longer once I can ever get a good personal stash built up. lol

Wonder if I can find some way to take a pic of the trichomes and upload them for people to check…
A juelers scope for the iPhone? lol

You should have a good camera that can focus, and as for flushing id wait another week at 55 days the white widow is almost 8 weeks and would need typically 10-11 weeks to finish trust me itd be worth it, as for the blue berry id flush her

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Ok, here is the Blueberry Auto right before it is jarred.

It had been hanging for 8 days.
She was 64 days old when she was chopped…

The WW Auto is still hanging, it probably still likes 3 more days.
It was 72 days old.

I can tell a big difference between the smell of the 2 for sure.

So far, I have to say I prefer the Blueberry I think.

Still have a few days to be sure, but I think my next ILGM order will have more Blueberry autos along with something else to try.
I’ve been thinking about the AK Autos.

I’d really like to try the super skunk autos, but not sure if I want to risk the smell.
The blueberry stinks up pretty nice, and my carbon filter wasn’t containing all of it…
So, if the super skunk is worse… my carbon filter really wouldn’t be able to hanlle it I don’t think.


Very impressive sir, very impressive indeed!

I’ve grown super skunk, white skunk and skunk#1 this year and I don’t notice any of the old school skunk smell to any of them, including skunk#1 which I grew quite a bit in the eighties, I wouldn’t know it was even the same strain but the high is pretty darn good, I just smoked some a little while ago! :wink:

The only smell I’ve noticed is from Cheese, boy is that stuff stinky! A nice smoke too
-best wishes

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Thank you.
:slight_smile:It gave me a solid OZ, so I’m happy.

This ILGM blueberry even with a carbon filter had parts of the house a little skunky…
Got to laugh when people come over and say that it kind of smells like a skunk.
Luckily I live in an area where it’s completely possible for a skunk to be around. :wink:

Before I had the carbon filter, and just 1 blueberry, even walking into the house period had a skunk smell.
Once I came back from a weekend and smelled it for myself, that’s when I got online and ordered the carbon filter. lol

Cheese, I just can’t get passed the name. lol

Ok, everything has now been jarred from the second grow.

Here is the White Widow Auto just before it was jarred.

It was cut at 72 days old.

I am kind of disappointed in the weight.
It wasn’t even half of the Blueberry.
Got a little over half an oZ. :frowning:
That is actually smaller than a plant I didn’t really take care of.

So, I’m hoping that the other plant crowded it…

Going to try again, this time with only 2 plants in the box. :wink:

Still not bad, got about 70G total.

Just had my last Blueberry auto show it’s taproot, and got it planted, so I’m just waiting for it to sprout.
Then once more perlite shows up, I’ll plant another auto WW, and see if I can’t increase that by a few. :slight_smile:

That si too much perlite. ProMix already contains all the perlite you need, especially for propagation. However; I like to add some when I am doing an entire grow with ProMix as I am now. At most 1/4 of mix can be added perlite. Your mix is going to drain toofast

Ok, I’ll try less perlite in the next pot and see what that changes.

I germinate with the paper towl method, then they go directly into the Pro Mix/perlite mix, in there final container.

I’m going to be switching to Pro mix this fall when I start up again

Have you considered letting your plants go a little longer? My 70 day Autos finished up at 83 days, to a point where they had about 20% Amber and some people Let It Go 50% or more ?

Maybe somewhere in the future think about a bigger tent with more height and bigger pots, you’re going to get bigger yields that way but right now it’s going great, I’m looking forward to seeing you next effort!

I think that might have a little to do with it.

The WW just doesn’t seem as strong as the blueberry.
The next WW I might try giving one more week… although it’s hard to let it go that long if your only getting .5 of an OZ off it… lol

I’m telling you, these ILGM auto Blueberry are really nice.
Finish in 60 days, and are great at that age, and good producers too…
I’d like to go to a bigger tent, but I probably won’t do that until my box falls apart. lol

I’m almost able to produce enough in the box, so not to worried about moving into a new setup just yet. :slight_smile:

I kind of wonder how much more my light could really produce as well.
I’m able to get out 60/70G, and it’s only a $99 light. lol
I kind of think that I might be getting close to it’s limits…

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FYI. I am finishing a grow where I used ProMix and Botanicare nutrients and nothing else. it is doing great. Easiest grow I have ever done. I am not going to grow MMJ in hydro anymore.

I am doing this grow for the Lab and plan on posting some details later on when all is finished.

One thing I loved about the Botanicare products I used: All had a PH buffer and no adjustment was necessary. No additives were provided, just straight 1 part Organic nutrients.

Liquid Karam
Pure Blend Pro (I also use both of these in my commercial greenhouse for seedlings.0

I flowered with CNS17 bloom
And I combined CNS bloom with CNS ripe after mid flower, and I am finishing wiht CNS ripe alone.

Plant has never shown any signs of yellow; In fact, It is taking forever and I still have no red pistils. This is Gold Leaf.

Sorry, if this messes up your topic. If it does, I will be happy to delete or edit it. Peace, lw :slight_smile: