ILGM Auto White Widow, Pro Mix, Advanced Nutes

This time I’ll be trying to grow an Auto WW.

Using Pro Mix and perlite, about a 50/50 mix.
1G pot,
A 300W Mars Hydro LED (about 135 true Watts).

Using Advanced nutrients Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

Also using Voodoo Juice and B52.

I also mixed in about 5G of actinovate.

So, heres what I have up until now…

July 10th,
Soaked in water.

July 11th,
Placed in paper towls.

July 12th,
Seen tap root, and placed into 1G pot of a 50/50 mix of Pro Mix, and perlite.
The Pot Weighed 685G dry.

Watered with about 5ML of Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, and Bloom.
about 7ML of Voodoo Juice and B52.
Mixed in about 5G of actinovate.
Pot weighed about 1816G wet.

July 15th,
Weighed 1821G when placed into grow box.

You need a bigger pot !

3 gallon pot will greatly increase the yield then prevents issues from rootbound and water log

Good luck ! :thumbsup:


I don’t know much about Pro mix but is that the recommended amount of newts for a seedling ?

They’ve got to live long enough to get root bound. :frowning:

The full dose of AN is 4ML/L, and I mix 1 gallon, which is just under 4L… So I’m giving about 1ML/L, which should be good…?
Pro Mix has no nutes, it’s all on the Advanced Nutrients.

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Ok, so far it seems like this girl isn’t wanting to take off…

Usually by now I’ve gotten more growth.
It’s 3 days old now…

I’m Starting to go crazy.
I think I’m doing everything right, but the plants just don’t seem to take off.

Soil and perlite alone have more than enough nutrients for seedlings. There’s no need to even think about using them until a ways down the road.

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Initial growth phase is mostly all root growth, this can last 10 days even 2 weeks, relax it’s a good looking seedling, don’t over-water ! … & don’t feed yet, that’s how they burn

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It’s actually a soiless mix, so it alone has no nutrients…

Ok guys, it’s 7 days old.

It looks like it’s growing, just slowly…

See what you guys think, I want to water it, but going by weight of the pot, I’m not sure it needs it… :frowning:
Looks a little droopy to me.

Hope the pics show you enough…


Here is a Auto Blueberry that is only 3 days old now I’m also trying to grow up.

Hey buddy they both look good !

Notice they’re both about the same size ?
Thats because seedlings get about that size and then they basically shut down the top growth for a week to 10 days, give or take

That’s because the roots are growing, can’t have the top without the roots first LOL

I water a couple of ml’s, a couple of times a day with a syringe

water mostly right in the center on the plant stem

I’m not saying let the rest dry out, but keep that part moist

-good luck and have a great weekend my friend :slight_smile:


Just dropping in with some updates.

Everything so far is going good I think. :slight_smile:
The plants are a little small I think, so I’m playing with my lights hight.
Just put it about 12 inches abuv the plants.

Here is the White Widow Auto at 19 days from sprout.

And, I’ll post updates to the Blueberry auto I also have growing as a bonus to the readers of the thread.

It is on day 15 from sprout.


Came back from out of town and noticed a little growth.
It is 24 days old now.

And here is some of the Blueberry that is 20 days old.

They seem to be offly short… is it because of my LED maybe?

Wondering if this is about the best it can do, or if anyone has some ideas on the best way to get the best performance out of it.

It is the Mars Hydro 300W, 135 true watts, 5W chips I think…

How far away are your plants from the LED?

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up until last Wednesday (the 3rd) it was about 24 inches abuv them.
Then I put it about 12 inches away, and then it’s been growing some, so it’s now about 9/10 inches from the tops of the plants.

I’m not sure if the growth is related to the light being lowered, or if it is just the autoflower starting to go into it’s stretch during flower…

Those are the only 2 plants under the light…

Update time.

The White Widow is over a month old now,at 33 days old…

Here is the Blueberry, that is almost a month, at 29 days old.

It is taller than the White Widow now. :slight_smile:

What do you think guys?

Anything look off, or anything I can do to maximize the yields?


Just dropping in with some updates.

It looks like the White Widow has stopped growing, and is now just putting on bud.

It’s 46 days old…

The Blueberry has out grown the WW, and is getting sticky! :slight_smile:
It is 42 days old.

I’m starting to reach the last nugs of my last harvest, but don’t think either of these will be ready before I’m out.


Real nice looking plant ! real healthy it’s going to give you twice the last plant ? Just keep doing what you doing ! :slight_smile:

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Wow! Looking good! Mine ladies are 4 days younger than yours but don’t even compare! Good work!!

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Thanks @Mannie
This is the first grow where I feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

These plants are my best yet, so that means I’m improving I think. :slight_smile:

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