ILGM auto mix pack - BB, NL, AH Indoor soil grow

Sep 21 - Seeds in to water, setup Mars hydro grow tent 600w led.

Sep 23 - Planting Day!

Sep 25 - NL popped up!

Sep 27 - AH popped up

Sep 28 - BB finally popped up


Sep 29- Oct 6

I finally took the cups off at the end of this week. I was still just watering the area around the plant and got some advice on this site about starting to water more so the roots stretch out. I gave them a nice drink on day 14. I had not started any nutrients yet.


Oct 7 - Oct 13


Oct 14 - Oct 20

I started fox farm trio nutrients at half strength every other watering.

I also started LST but did not top.


Oct 21 - Oct 27

More LST! Also I started to see some preflowering! Woo hoo these ladies are growing so fast


Oct 28 - Nov 3

Feeding half strength ff trio, now following the flowering schedule. I just ordered some Cal Mag and get it today.


They’re looking great! Are you in a 2x2 tent?

I am in a 2x2. The more they grow the more I start thinking I may need to get another tent.


I like the way you documented your grow. Looks like everything is going perfect so far.
I grew the Autoflower mixpack also and the blueberry and am haze both were large autos and the northern lights stayed small on all 3 I grew but produced lots of heavy buds.
Great looking plants. I will be following your grow.


Dont the green cups block out the light that the plants need as kinda like a green screen. I would try clear cups next time the sprouts might grow bigger faster as they will pronanly get more light not being blocked by the green color. They do look good so far tho.


That small mars hydro is covering these three plants ; :heart_eyes:


That makes sense. This is my first indoor grow and I just grabbed whatever I had on hand. Next time I will do clear and will probably take them off a little sooner. I didn’t even think about that being the reason they took so long to pop up. Thank you :blush:

Mind if I tag along I’m using the Mars hydro 1000 and FF ocean with the trio nutes but I’m only on day 5 maybe lol

I just started a journal for mine your welcome to tag along I’ll tag u if you’d like @Jadasil

Nov 4 - Nov 10

I fed them some half strength ff and then I think I waited a day or two too long to water again. Yesterday I gave them about a gallon each, so hopefully they perk back up and the yellowing stops. They already look better this morning. I don’t know why, but I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do.

I got my cal mag but haven’t started it yet. I’ll probably add it in the next time I feed.

My gardening gut tells me I need to defoliate a little on the bottom and top dress. Any suggestions?

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Nov 11 - 17

This week started with some droopy looking leaves :frowning:They have been drinking quite a bit, about a gallon each every 2ish days. They had one feeding with just water and cal mag and then the next with the cal mag and ff trio - still at half strength - and are looking MUCH better.

The AH seems to be doing the best, bb is doing pretty good and the NL seems to be gaining weight the slowest. I’m going to rotate them around the tent to see if that helps.

I’m assuming I’ve got another 6-8 weeks left before harvest based on other journals I’ve seen, but I don’t know, that amnesia may get chopped sooner than that. Let’s hope, cuz I’m running out of my stash lol :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’d love to follow your journal, I’m thinking of getting the 1000 next time. How do I get to it, I tried clicking on your name but I don’t see where it is. Can you tag me on your journal, maybe I can find it that way. @thelria

My journal is named how many plants in this space @Jadasil I have not yet put that light in my tent yet I’m using it to finish up my other girls but when I transplant it’ll be going in probably this weekend