ILGM auto gorilla glue seed to harvest time frame

I have read many conflicting posts on seed to harvest times. I am growing ILGM gorilla glue autos indoor tent. Seeds sprouted 75 days ago, which several web sites have said is the typical seed to harvest period. Trichomes are just starting to cloud up, so is this time frame wrong? How long from when some Trichomes turn until most turn? I only have about 10 days until forced harvest (leaving g on vacation) . My first grow, so screw up are everywhere. Thought I have plenty of time to get this grow in, but may have miscculated. Best way to proceed? I can either harvest in 10 days (harvest and dry) or let grow for 14 days and let them sit in grow tent with no feet or water for a week and harvest when I return (start drying process in planters). Poor planing for me. Suggestions to get some usable pot out of this mess?

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The time frame stated by the Breeders is in perfect growing conditions. I have from experience come to realise Autos can take over 4 months to finish.

This is normal from my experience and this is why I lean to Photoperiods because they finish in the same time frame as Autos.


Suggestions? Or am I just screwed?

I don’t do a 48 hour darkness as my plants hang in complete darkness for 7 days or so.

If you harvest early, you may not get any effects off the plant.

What does the plant look like?

Some leaf death, some big buds all the way down to small. Trichomes are visible and maybe 20% cloudy. No brown Trichomes. I would like to use the remaining 16 days I have to grow vs. Harvest. My sketchy plan is to feed and water (coco grow) every day until October 14th. Then water in morning, turn off lights, leave fans on, go away for the week, harvest dead / partly dried plants when I get home. Yea, like I said, sketchy

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Fans will make the buds dry out even faster. Sketchy like you say.

Well, my first grow is done. I made every mistake imaginable, but somehow it turned out OK. 88 days from seed to harvest. Wet trimmed. It was easy, I don’t know why people complain about it. Got 6 quart Masson jars full of curing pot. Have not weighted it yet, but it should be 4 to 6 oz. Tried it and, while not the greatest, it was OK. Surprisingly, I got 3 dried and ground cups of trim. Lots of oil. Results overall were pretty good for a rookie.

Any pics?