ILGM Auto flower seeds Specifically AK47

Hi wonderful supporters are the auto flower seeds feminized? Thanks for your help, I purchased some and then realized I hope I don’t have to determine the sex.

Thank you.

Yes. I believe they are. Would basically have to be right? You answered yourself. Happy Growing :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys, This is my first time in the forum and I must say that some of the questions are unbelievable to anyone who has been a farmer.Are they real or do you make them up?

I find that you r post insults our newbie members. Most of our members are MMJ patients, and want to learn to grow thgeir own Meds. Many never imagined that they would be asking anyone how to grow Marijuana. Give them a break! We have zero tolerance for insults, however masked; Here at ILGM :slight_smile:
The last 3 posts will be deleted in 48 hrs. or so. They do not belong in this topic. Peace


Roger latewoods post was replying to bamaboyz or whatever his name was,you weren’t insulting anyone,the other gentleman was

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Thank you very moocho

Thank you Latewood, I appreciate your help and moderation.


Autoflowering seeds from most cannabis seed banks would very likely be feminized as since you are going for the convenience of not having to worry about a photo period to induce flowering, you probably are also not interested in selecting and separating males and females nor any interest in the complications of breeding for seeds which would require male pollen somewhere along the way, even if forced on a female plant to create some hermaphrodite flowers.

Do I leave the light cycle on 24 hours for ak47 auto

You can. This is usually done, especially with lower watt florescent lights in a compact growing space. But with HID or high output LEDs, you can save some electricity and run them under 18 hours of light a day their whole life cycle.

I got 3 out of 4 WW auto to pop this week. I have never been a fan of auto’s, but I got them so I can answer your questions about auto flower genetics in the future. :slight_smile:


Was planing to use AF seeds next grow what is your main dislike with the auto flower yield, product quality, to many genetics built into them?


I do not dislike AF seeds; I merely have not grown them. I have always been a purist and wanted to have pure “*sensimilla”. This ideal also taught me a lot about the life cycles of the plants.

AF genetics were developed to give Medical Marijuana patients a quick gorw and these genetics were not as potent as normal genetics.

That was a long time ago. Now AF genetics offer a large range of quality “meds”. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:

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It does help, thank you! It will be fun to grow the AF I’m going to look at it like that.

It’s a few months away. :slight_smile: