ILGM Auto Blueberry


Well a little slow on posting but. First time with an Auto and so far so good. Plant was started on 24/24 T-5 until first flowers showed on week 3 from seed. I was going on vacation and setup a dripper and started the seeds in the bucket instead of germination. Plant didn’t miss a beat. Plant grew so fast LST needed to be started sooner. Then put her on 600w LED 20/4 which I am running now. Until roots reached the water in the bucket, used PH’d water.

Once the roots made it to the water used the General Hydro Trio @ 1/2 strength reducing to 1/4 strength after week 5 to week 8. since week 8 now on day 69, using only Cha-Ching, Beastie Bloom and MPG 0-0-2.

Was turned on to the MPG 0-0-2 from my friends @willitsgardensupply. For all previous grows I had been using Hydroguard to help maintain root health but changed to the MPG with great results. For this grow using the MPG I was able to maintain a bucket water temp of 70-76 with no issues what so ever, really impressed. I did use it the whole grow 25ml per bucket change approx. 3.5 gallons. The other change I did for this grow was maintain the same temp throughout. 74-77 degrees from day one. For the 4 hours lights off I try and run temp to 66 degrees.

Day 21

Day 27

Day 30

Day 44

Day 57

Day 66

From Day 66 figure 2 weeks? Wish I could post a smell for you, wife says just like a SEE’s candy store.


Looking very good my friend

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80 days and she is done. Sticky, real hard buds. Looking forward to trimming it up. Probably can get it to swell up a bit more but trichomes are right were we like them. Started 2 more today. These ILGM Auto Blueberry might become a favorite.


Mine were done in soil outside last year. The smoke is very nice! I just started more this year.

I have to say, very nice growth! That was impressive…


The Blueberry is amazing smoke. I have a couple more rocking right now. I tried the Jack AF last round and it good but the Blueberry is now my fav. It goes quickly and I have had zero problems with them.


Here is a couple more. Almost done these are 8 weeks from sprouting. Have a good ventilation system but woke up this morning and the whole house smelled like a candy store.


Blueberry’s Gone Wild. They just starting to show some amber. ILGM Blueberry is very easy to grow. Love this strain.

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