ILGM Auto Blueberry indoor grow

5th days from seed started on the 13/06/16


Day 7

This what my auto blueberry from ILGM auto seeds , yielded 4.5 ounces of some real dank bud , taste , high , smell , and very strong relaxed high .

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she looks amazing man gonna be using ILGM booster only, on those 2 seeds, and i hope my p300 will be enough :slight_smile:

With 4.5ounce i can last 4 month!!

Week 2 day 1 from seed, transplanted the little girls ^^ + added some organic seaweed for root growth and plant health
Soil is organic potting mix.
Are they considered in veg state now ? @yoshi


Seedling stage , it’s not until the first set of leaves grow out , it starts vegging .


Thanks a lot for that dude! :wink:
Take care

Congrats on the grow!
Going to keep an eye on this.

I have my first grow, and ILGM auto Blueberry that is in flower.

I don’t think I’ll be getting 4.5 OZ off it (That would be awesome to have)

I’m hoping for a half, or maybe 1 OZ if things want to be nice to me. lol

I also have another ILGM auto Blueberry seed that is 5 days old now.
I’m hoping it will be bigger than my first grow. :slight_smile:

Hope it grows fast for you.

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yo stoneblind,

seems like we started at same time that ILGM blueberry ^^
well i hope we both get what we want ;), i would be really happy with 1 Oz as well or more! xD
still waiting on 2 other ILGM auto WW and i’m kinda mad at myself for letting them get some light burn, which was pretty bad, i lost some fan leaves :frowning:
may the grow be with you ^^

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@yoshi Good to meet you, i posted a trend i would like your input on and i dont know how to get you in on that conversation so sorry for busting this trend-150.00 light budget 4 plants whats your pick .i hope to be able to utilize whatever i pick now with whatever i upgrade to later for my next grow, Thanks for your help Brother

CFL 's are good or a T-5 would work great also for that budget .