Ilgm auto blueberry first grow looking to learn


2x4x7 gorilla grow tent
Hyper fan: 8" inside (8x24) 6" outside (6x16)
P300 LED
5 gallon smart pot
Fox farm ocean forrest mix
Fox farm trio nutrients
RO water


Your all set, now just watch your watering, think in terms of ML. not cups, don’t drench your soil, no need, use a spray bottle to mist a few times a day, check water Ph, and Don’t add nutes for a while, FF has all you need for the first 6 weeks easy.
Don’t over do it, very little is better for now. Read the "Guides section " at the top of this page and download the “Grow Bible” for tons of great information!!good luck!!!


Thanks for the feedback. All I’ve been doing the last 5 days is dripping with a spray bottle. I mixed up a gallon of RO water with 2.5 ML cal mag and PH down to 6.4. Seems to be doing the trick.




how can i get a grow bible i have signed up a few times and not recieving anything please help patman


I think I got a link through email, then downloaded into my iBooks.


Any suggestions on light distance in reference to the last picture I posted? P300 LED currently at 36" factory recommendations for seedling. When and how big does the plant have to be to lower light to veg hight (18-24" factory recommendations) ???
Also, when do you feed an auto for the first time? I’m ising fox farm trio. I heard after the first 3 nodes? If so do I determine how many weeks my plants are, then look at recommended dose for that week on chart? I’m going with 1/4 strength to start. Thanks



9 days old. Still watering with RO water PH down to 6.3…I heard as soon as day 13 for the first feed. I’m also confused if I could be feeding her the whole time given the fox farm trio has a schedule? Some feedback would be pretty awesome. Still would like to get my humidity up from 40 to 50. Suggestions?


Do not follow the fox farm feeding schedule they want you to use up the nuts quicker and buy more often I would start your plants off at a 1/3 of what the feeding schedule says maybe even 1/4 and work your way up to 1/2. Wish I would of looked more closer into it when I first started.


I’ve heard about the 1/4 nutes. I also noticed they want you to give Nutrience from the seedling stage.
For an autoflower, when do you recommend giving the first feed. I’ve also heard you never want to mix tiger bloom and grow big together. Thanks for the feedback. I’m sitting down trying to write out a feeding schedule right now.


Came up with a feeding schedule. Any comments, advice or encouragement will be appreciated.

-Feed every other water or once per week

-seedling to veg week 2: PH water 6.3

-veg week 2&3: big bloom 7.5 ml/gal + grow big 2.5 ml/gal (PH 6.3 PPM: 280)

-veg week 4 until flower: grow big 5 ml/gal

-flower week 1to week 3 or 4: big bloom 4 ml/gal + tiger bloom 2.5 ml/gal

-flower week 4 to week 5 or 6: PH water 6.3


Hey whats up, hows the Blue Berry doin, I was reading you want to start Nutes!? What week are they in,you don’t need nutes for at least six weeks wit FF soil, seriously, and that FF nutes aren’t all that good, But… you got em, so… use em I guess! (But not yet) I heard too much people having too much trouble with those nutes and feeding schedules, be very careful and Don’t start too early with nutes… I believe Tiger Bloom is for flowering stage and Big Bloom is for Budding Stage, any how your no where near it so Don’t Nute yet , At All, yer getting Way ahead of your self !! At nine days shes only a baby she don’t need anything , she still got cotyledons on her, That is what shes living off now, all she needs is in there. !! Cotyledons have all the stored foods that is needed for her first Burst of energy, they"ll soon fall off and you Still have the Nutes in FF believe me , all she needs now is ph"d water, light and comfy temps !


After about your 5-6 th node and your plant growth slows down , than it would be safe to give a quarter of a quarter fox farm nutrients . The liquid fertilizers are very concentrated so less is more with fox farm , but pay close attention to your N.P.K. Numbers on your nutrients when mixing , you don’t want to exceed those numbers are you will burn the hell out of you lil seedlings , cause FFOF has a lot of beneficial microbial organisms in the soil to help your plants grow for at least 6-8 weeks .


Thanks a lot for the info. Much appreciated.


Thanks for listening to us, we"re here to help. Although I’m not a Bergmans lab member I do A lot of reading on the subject(15-20 hrs. per week)or more, I’m sure if you asked @Yoshi, he would be more than happy to guide you through your Whole grow, that’s what we do here, I just started to grow again this year after a long time off, I asked for help , listened to their advice , and Won the Oct. B.O.M. contest, these growers are Good trust me, and they very much like to offer Any assistance . Relax , you"re in Good hands. <*)))><{
ps. my B.O.M was an Auto Blue Berry


Dude that’s awesome on your blueberry. I don’t really want to message people and ask for advise. Everyone has busy lives, and I’m thankful for the guys taking time to chime in on my situation. Just wanted to post what I’m doing with some questions on the way. I figured I would make this journal as a reference for myself and others. If I’m lucky enough to get good advise on the way that’s a huge plus and is very appreciative.


Please feel free to call on us. Just hit your (shift key) and @ key, add name if it doesn’t come up automatically.


@Bassface even with a busy life schedule , I go the extra mile to help anyone reach success in they grow . But let me tell you this , it’s very important to write a written grow journal on each grow like a diary of some sort , cause honestly every plant characteristics is different , and to have a written log or diary to revert back to is great to have to make adjustment .