ILGM and their genetics!

All my afghan plants have hundreds of withe little seeds, making the plants useless. Growing conditions were perfect great set up. Other plants grew great. Crappy seeds with crappy genetics. When I asked ilgm what might have happened…no reply. Willl never buy crappy seeds from them again. Commonly referred to commercial head ache weed. The weed that has all those small white seeds everywhere. They should have a sale. “ILGM Commercial headache weed” Packed with little white seeds that break up when you try to get them out. Guaranteed to ruin your day and give you a headache. Exclusively at ilgm seeds! $5.00 for 500 seeds!" I have to pay a little more and get my seeds from a reputable bank.

Here at ILGM we try to be friendly to everyone and make sure we stand behind our genetics. You are 1 person out of 1000’s that have complained. I never saw anything about you until this post. So I call BS on your little rant. If you had done everything correctly; You would not have produced seeds.

1…Where did you complain?

  1. What seeds did you order? Only Afghan?

  2. Give me your order #.

Where is your grow journal to show your perfect grow methods? Your rant is uncalled for because we satisfy all customers and the members here will attest to the quality of out genetics and service after the sale

I look forward to your appropriate reply.

lw - Admin ILGM


So far so good for me


I looked through some of his old posts. He stressed out a clone and it hermied on him. It was in the same room with his afgan and they got pollinated. He is angry that he messed up by trying to grow too many plants at once, and his errors and lack of experience cost him his harvest.


Actually he posted what happened. His og kush obviously one of them was a male and pollinated his whole tent. This is at least the third cross post I have seen from him about the bad ilgm seeds but at this link tells the truth.


Turns out in wasn’t the O.G kush. It was the Afghan.

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That’s not what your grow journal says. It states very clearly that the afgans were not affected at the time you cut down the og kush.

And I know for a fact if you modify your post that the admin can see those changes.

If I were you I’d delete these bogus posts and hope you don’t get banned.


It was the Afghan. In any case. They can ban me and delete my account. If that’s what they need to do to hide the truth. Too many good seed banks out there to waste my money here.

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Lol, perfect growing conditions! You almost know that whatever follows is going to be a load of crap.

Dude whether it was male plant, or you stressed plants into herm, you screwed up. Get over it!


You ruined your own crop. Stop lying dude. There’s at least 1,000 growers who have posted grow journals on here about their success. Stop crying, take your negativity else where please.



There is no reason for you to blame ILGM genetics. Literally thousands of people have had huge success with seeds from here. You stressed your plants. Plain and simple. You need to reflect on what you did during your grow. Take that trash talk somewhere else. :sunglasses:


I too am not happy with my seeds I only harvested between two and a half to three pounds from two of their seeds. Maybe I could do better somewhere else?


I bought the Fruity Mix Pack of 15 feminized seeds back in april to grow outdoors and now have 14 healthy plants, I lost one sprout due to me under watering on a hot day by accident. This was my first time buying seeds from ILGM and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience.


Hi my friend, I’m sure if you have tried to contact them and not heard back it’s probably some miscommunication unless its something you have done wrong but they still usually answer ,try them again, I recently contacted them about some bad luck I was having in getting my seeds started, as I’m new to this I wasn’t blaming them more asking the question of how to become more successful at it and they replaced my seeds, I’m waiting for them to come through now so rather than rant these guys here can help you out, and I’m not employed by then just a genuine customer, such as yourself


Very Nice, I know your making a point here and happy you did.
Wow Very Very Nice. Wish I could find a better word to use.


@NTMAREMACH, I am speechless. Ridiculous buds. I thought I was doing well with a pound from two plants. Looks like a pound from one branch! Lol


Want problems I’ve had with my plants were due to my own stupidity or bugs. If the girls didn’t have the great genetics as they do they probably would be dead. Lay blame where blames due


I had a WW clone go hermi on me this spring. First off, I was paying attention so none of the other 5 plants were affected and second, I chalked it up to my stupidity. It didn’t even occur to me to blame the plant!


@NTMAREMACH your officially my hero for today👍
Awesome bud porn


Unfortunately for me and all of the members here , this is what we have to look forward too…
People always wanting to blame everybody else for there misfortunes… very , very sad… :wink:
Having an attitude like that will not get you far in life because eventually you will run out of people to blame , so hopefully at some point in time you realize you are Your Own Worst Enemy as it seems… :wink:
Hopefully at some point you will be be able to get things in order… nobody likes a jerk… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses: