ILGM and Canada, possible again?

Back when I first started growing, I used to get my seeds from ILGM. But now that Canada has legalized cannabis, ILGM does not ship here anymore… :crazy_face:
I know that last year @Nicky ask about it, but I am checking to see if there’s been any kind of update on that front.
Does ILGM plans to start shipping to Canada again soon?
If they are not, would we be allowed to start a topic discussing where Canadians could get their seeds?
Without giving away their website, just by mentioning their names…? (I am pretty sure of the answer to this one, but you never know 'till you ask so…)

I would love to get my hands on some of the strains I first bought here, before I knew what to do with them. And see what they could have been… Strains like White Widow, Super Silver Haze, Og Kush…, Seriously, I was an ILGM fanboy when I did not have any idea what I was doing… Now that I have a better idea what to do with them… I can’t get them anymore… :sob: :sob: :sob:

What do you think @dbrn32?

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Better to get opinion on this from @latewood


Yip @latewood was the one who chimed in to my post last year, he said it was something they wanted to do and they were working on in the future (if I recall)

Great re post and ty for the tag!!


Hello everybody, just bumping this topic!

So @latewood, any development for a “trade agreement” between our countries? :wink: :smiley:

it would be great to have accessibility to your products here in Canada it seems like a wasted opportunity to not be shipping here being as it is legal both for medical and recreational looking forward to Canada being added to the countries you ship to

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Ok fellow Canadians, I am sure ILGM will not ship to Canada if we can’t show a bit of support for it. I mean, would you fight to ship products to someone who does not seem interested?

So just for fun and anecdotal evidence : Who is Canadian here and would like to buy from ILGM?

If they see a real demand for it, maybe we will be able to buy with ILGM again…and maybe @latewood could give us a timetable or estimate?

P.S.: Nothing scientific here, you don’t need to say where you live or give your names. Just be from Canada and let it be known that you would like to shop ILGM too!
Thanks people and have a great day!