ILGM ak47 clones first time organic

Just finished up my first ilgm ak47. I took some clones. They are in veg now under a 180w led.
I am trying my first organic grow so I am using fox farms organic nutrients extreme gardening azos and mykos and fish head farms fish shit.

I transplated 2 of them to 3 gallon pots. Left 1 in the 1 gallon pot. I sprinkled a little bit of azos and mykos in the hole before transplanting. Everything seems to be going well.

I am thinking about switching to 12/12 this weekend. I was wondering should I start feeding the fruit and flower nutrients as soon as I flip or wait until I start to see buds forming?

I am also wondering is it best to just switch to 12/12 or would it be better to gradually go from 18 hours of light down to 12 in a week’s time?

I watered yesterday and snaped some pictures. I am gonna do some pruning tonight. I’m gonna get rid of all the “sucker branchs” that didn’t make the canopy. Then I’m gonna give it a few days to recover and flip to flower on Sunday.

So i pruned them up pretty good the other day. I tried to rip off every node up to the top. Im trying to only have buds up at the top of the plant. This is the first time I am trying this so hopefully it goes well. I brewed up some fruit and flower tea and feed that today. I also switched my light to 12/12. Wish me luck!!

Happy growing!!

I haven’t posted any updates in a while. So here we go.i been making tea with the fruit and flower happy frog nutrients and feeding that once a week. I also been using mykos and fish shit once a week. I only need to water about every 3 to 4 days. I am about a week and a half into flower. Dealing with the strech right now. A couple days before flower I pruned them up pretty good. I cut all the brachs off that didn’t make canopy. Then I twisted each branch from the bottom up until I herd a pop. This is a new technic to me that I am trying this go around. Trying to get all tops. Hope it works