ILGM AK-47 fems ScrOG


You will enjoy doing a scrog.
Keep on tucking…:smirk:


Do SCROG can making you tucking crazy @Paulcrf @muffybunny (ahhhh scrog humor, lol)

It’s not all that hard. The prep is to fim and or top and get her as spread out as you can. The perfect height for the net is about 25 inches above the floor.

How tall is the girl thats gonna SCROG?


@bob31 I was going to do all 4 in a 5x5. Is that too many? I was already thinking about pulling #1 from the mix because I think it’s going to be significantly shorter. I could leave it in the 3x3 by itself and put the other 3 in the 5x5.


yes exactly the right way to proceed. 4 would be too many, imo @muffybunny Good call!


Day 22

Veg - Day 4

They’re doing amazing. #1 is still a straggler. She’s definitely getting her own setup. No holding back 2, 3, and 4!!!






Day 24

Veg - Day 6

They’re so happy.

We finally reorganized the basement and started to put the 5x5 together. It’s too tall by about 1/2”. Maybe even less. We’re debating taking a hacksaw to the poles, which will make the tent fit a little loose, or I thought about taking a planer or chisel to the joists in question. DAMMIT


Just the kind of luck in have :sunglasses:
Hope it works out.
Diligence, versatility, and gumption, all traits that a successful grower must have. I know yall will get it


Day 27

Veg - Day 9

Started veg week 2 nutes. Still at 25% strength, still 1 cup a day. We got the 5x5 set up. I took the 1/2 inch off the poles. I honestly didn’t notice anything overly loose because of it either, so bonus. This tent rocks I’ll be getting fans, filters, lights, etc. all set up over the next week. I already have it all. I’m thinking I’ll transplant to 5gal fabric, and move to the bigger tent on the 1st day of veg week 3. Then I’ll start thinking about setting up the scrog. They’re still way shorter than I wish, but they’re full and healthy looking.

1 - General Hydroponics

2 - Nectar for the Gods

3 - Heavy 16

4 - Mills


@bob31 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 Who is the resident coco expert? As I get closer to transplant, I get more concerned that I’ll f it up. The particular brand of coco I use is pretty loose. I’m scared if I turn it over, the coco will all just fall away from the roots, leaving them fully exposed. I know what to do about that when I transplant a tomato plant from dirt, to different dirt, but everything about this is different. Loose medium, way more fragile roots, and I care way more. :rofl:

Lighting ???
They look super healthy and beautiful to me, but short. I’ve struggled to find info here about the strain. AK in general yeah (sativa dom hybrid) at other sites, but not here and they’re ilgm seeds. I expected to struggle with stretch. I’m using a 600w led about 10” up. I don’t know true draw. I’m weak on understanding light, try as I may. I also have a 1500w led. Do you think I should swap out? If so, should I start higher up to “ease” in the drastic difference? I could also go ahead and move them into the new 5x5 now so the 1500w light is more dispersed. I’d crap if I burned them. I plan to add another 1500 to the 5x5 in time for flowering.

Topping/LST/Scrog ???
I’ve seen a lot of people say start topping veg week 2. They just seem too short yet for that. There’s undergrowth, but they’re so short that it’s all pretty dense/compact. I’m resolved to being patient this time, but I don’t want to miss the boat either. What do you base the decision to top on? Height? Age? Node count? I have no illusions of a 4 week Veg. I just really don’t want to mess anything up this time. Less at least. I see people having them tied down this early too. Should I be doing that? I also see a lot of people not tie them at all, just pinch/roll/bend - and they’re a lot taller than mine when they start doing it. What’s your preference? When do you set up your scrog? Before they even get that tall and just let them grow up through? Or after they’re that tall and you’re squashing them back down a little and “helping” them through? I’ll save the lollipop questions for later… unless 1 of you is about to tell me there’s something I should do in preparation.

Wow, when I started this post, I didn’t expect it to turn into such a diarrhea of questions and topics. If you want support ticket style info, I’ll provide it. I so appreciate you guys, everybody here, and want to make it as easy as possible for you to help me.


@Myfriendis410 grows in coco @muffybunny
I use promix bx myself


Transplanting won’t be a real problem. Just water before and you’ll be fine.

I supercrop and SCROG. Usually a week or so before flipping I will introduce them to the SCROG. As for stretch, lights too close or too red frequency can prevent upward growth.

As for stretch at flip, I run a 16/8 schedule and taper down to 12/12 over a week or so and almost no stretch.



Does that answer your questions?

Topping / FIMing after 4th or 5th node depending on overall height of plant.


@bob31 @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 thank you. This gets me past my next immediate steps. I’ll be moving to the big tent this weekend and changing to 1500w. I don’t know if I’ll transplant yet or wait until next. The roots probably still have room. Would it be better to move and transplant at the same time to get all the shock over with at the same time? Or is it better to stagger the changes in one weekend at a time?


Personally i would do them all at the same time
More just for convenience than anything else
They look like they can go another week easily so i saw leave them


Day 31 - Veg Day 13 (wk 2 d 6)

They’re starting to gain some height. Lots of leaves.

I just realized I didn’t get this in before midnight, so it will show as 12/18, but it’s actually for 12/17


Day 34 - Veg Day 16 (wk 3 d 2)

Well, my first disaster this grow… One of the top corner brackets on my new tent snapped while I was hanging the fan & filter. Luckily, I heard it happening a split second before and caught it. My wife was fortunately right there in the same room. She got in there just in time to stop them from falling to the floor. The tent is 6-1/2 feet tall and I am 5’4”. I could only hold it so long. Lol.

So I could and probably will get a new corner bracket on there, but the problem will remain that it can’t take the weight of the fan. Let’s stop there and give a resounding wtf. I think I’m going to go get a bunch of 8’ 1x2 and reinforce the frame. I’m thinking 2 at each corner and 1 in the middle of the back wall (every other wall is a door). As for the vendor that sold me the tent, I dropped them a message. We’ll see what they say. I expect nothing so it will be a bonus is they do anything to make it right.

In plant news, they’re starting to take off. I’ll be getting good pics and some measurements later today to get @bob31 opinion about topping. I think they’re ready. I was going to transplant last night and just water/regen-a-root/wilt guard for a week before the tent deal screwed me, but it turned out I didn’t have enough medium anyway. Wow those #7 bags take a lot. I’ll fix that problem today. I like to run scalding water through it and let it dry a little before using it, so the transplant is probably pushed to this weekend. I’ll fix the frame today and resume setup.

I found out yesterday that rec is going to be on our ballot in 2018 and the initiative letting people grow their own. It would set weed up to be treated just like alcohol, noting the fact that it’s legal for people to brew their own beer and make wine and even distill grain alcohols.


Day 36 - Veg Day 18 (wk 3 d 4)

Transplant time for the Heavy 16 and Mills.

I ended up cutting the pots away inside the new pots. Worked like a champ. I checked the traditional upside down push/pull and right away knew it was gonna be a fail. The roots were beautiful.

I prepped with regen-a-root water ph’d to 6. They look great. They need more light though.
Heavy 16


By the time they recover from transplant, I think they’ll be ready for 1st topping. I’ve already been giving them little bends here and there. That will continue after recovery.

Tomorrow, I’ll transplant the other 2, which are both considerably smaller than the other 2.
General Hydroponics

Nectar for the Gods

They’re gorgeous and healthy… just shorter. It totally makes the decision on what to put where way easier. So the big girls get scrog he’d in the big tent and the little girls get scrog fed in the little tent.


I’m also running Nectar nutes in Mills coco. :+1:


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@MattyBear, the coco is why I have to wait until tomorrow for the other 2. I ran out :disappointed_relieved: