ILGM AK-47 fems ScrOG

Day 5

Seedling Day 1

I got my AK fems from ILGM. I honestly may never shop seed anywhere else. Anyway, I soaked the seeds in a glass of water on the cable box for 2 days. Normally this would only be 1 day, but there was no visible activity and I like to see at least a little splitting before the next step, so I left them another day. My understanding is that this strain takes its time.

That did the trick and they cracked. I put them in a wet paper towel, folded it up, put it in a ziplock, put that in a black plastic bag, and put it on the cable box. After 1 day, there were little taproots about 1/8-1/4 inch. I prefer 1/4-1/2, so I again left them an extra day.

That brings me to today. The rockwool cubes have been soaking and I’m about to set up the seedlings.

600w full spectrum on top, germination mat on the bottom.


All Systems Are GO! @muffybunny Welcome back to the game!


Hey hey, ready to go huh? Good luck!


Day 6

Seedling Day 2

We’re definitely a go. The ladies are happy and healthy. They’re about 1/2" tall and seeds are shed. I will not be forgetting to turn off the germination mat this time. I gave them each 5 ml of ph 6 water today. I’m paranoid about my light height. I’ll measure and get a picture when I get a chance. We have guests staying for the holiday and there’s a lot going on.


Day 7

Seedling Day 3

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Day 8

Seedling Day 4

Moving right along. They’re all about an inch tall with 2nd baby sets. I’m giving them about 5ml of water every day.

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Day 9

Seedling Day 5

Nothing eventful to report. Just steady and sure. Still 5ml. I’ll guess 2 more days (at least) before the dome comes off. I’m working on my own patience and self-control this grow. I’m braced for at least a 5 week grow. Maybe 6. Letting the plant decide. Same with flower. The ladies will decide when they’re ready. In the meantime I’m reading my grow bible and watching scrog vids, checking out different techniques and setups. I have time to decide specifics. I was thinking individual 2x2 scrogs but I’m really liking this deal with trellis netting and zip ties. Just scrog the whole tent. It has side access, so why not. I’ll just have to be strategic about where I set it up. Make sure I have room on the 3 sides with access to actually fit my ass back in there to get to it.


Day 11

Seedling Day 7

A lot going on the last 2 days. I got my 3x3 all cleaned out and ready. I made some smarter choices about where and how to run cords so I won’t fight them later.

I got my coco all rinsed and prepped. I use Mills

I filled 1 gallon plastic pots and created holes for the cubes the babies are in. Prior to all this, I mixed up a 1/2 gallon of water with just a few drops each of Regen-A-Root and Wilt Guard, then ph’d to 6. I dumped 1 cup of this into the holes right before setting the cubes. I filled in and covered Then I gave each 10 ml more of the mixture right into where the cubes are.

Meanwhile in the tent

I put in the ventilation stuff

I hung the carbon filter, but slid it away from the fan. I’ll attach the filter when it starts to stink.

On the floor are 4 things like these, but more stable

Then this

The 4 freshly potted seedlings are sitting on the tray under my 600w LED still 24/0 for at least another week.

I also have a couple clip fans on the tent frame to keep things moving. I still need to put the hydrometer in there and deal with humidity levels.

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All 4 are still unnamed. 1-


Day 16

Seedling Day 12

Jesus these things are slow. Lol

They’re still 24/0 600w led light about 12-18” above them. They’re about 2” tall and 2” wide. I’m happy about the symmetry, but uggh. I’d have thought sativa dominant would stretch more. Oh well, I’m riding it out. I’m a little concerned with the yellowing on a couple of them though.

According to charts, I should be putting these things in veg in 2-3 days. I look at them and feel like that’s not realistic unless something miraculous happens while I sleep.

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@muffybunny your setup looks great! What does the chart mean? You switch to veg as in 16/8 or 14/10?

@AmnesiaHaze sorry, I’m talking about the nute chart.

My last grow was dwc and to a degree, im still thinking in terms of a weekly cycle that has to end/begin on a Friday or Saturday because of all the draining and refilling and stuff. I guess now that I’m all coco I can take things day by day instead of thinking whole weeks.

Also, I do 19/5 for veg. No scientific reason. It’s just what I landed on after seeing many say 20/4 and many others saying 18/6.

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And now I’ll talk about something I’ve been hiding because I’ve seen SO much conflicting advice/info about growing in coco. Some will see this and say “no no no!” - Some will say “well yeah, duh”.

I water/nute my coco every single day! There, I said it!

On my 1st grow, I struggled with this big time. Coco looks and feels like dirt. I wanted to treat it like dirt. I wanted to wait for it to dry before watering again. I almost killed my coco girl trying to figure it out. The range of advice was all over the place. When I finally settled into small amounts every single day, things stabilized. I ended up with pretty low yield from all the stress, but the quality… oh snap!

There was also the nute argument… every day or not? What strength? Even in seedling stage? Again, advice is all over the place. One article had me doing 3day cycles: nute water, plain water, plain water. These were dark times for my girl. She almost didn’t survive. I think it was @Donaldj that pointed out that this plan was probably repeatedly shocking, then starving her. The behavior of the plant totally supported his theory. So, I tried every other day, low-strength nutes every time. This was way better. I did that until things got stable, then went to every day and she finished strong.

Here’s the thing - coco is hydro, not dirt. The water isn’t sitting there in the pot, drowning the roots. It drains through, and pretty quick. It’s not so much watering the plant as feeding it. Think about dwc hydro. The air is agitating and stirring and moving everything and constantly introducing oxygen so the roots don’t drown (aka rot). Now flash back to coco, but keep thinking about that cycling and air flow process. Instead of a continuous cycle, you’re doing it manually, once a day. Aeration is handled by whatever you chose for your coco makeup. I’ve only used Mills coco with cork, so I can’t really speak to other options. I think most people mix in perlite and that contributes to keeping room for air flow.

So the moral of the story is that I nute water every day. Even starting 2nd week of seedling. I’m talking drops here people. The 1st week was just water with regen-a-root and wilt-guard. I’d mix 1 cup of water with 1 drop of each of those, ph the mixture to 6 and give each baby 3-5 ml. Starting week 2, in bigger pots, I went to 1 whole cup per plant per day and added in manufacturer recommended seedling nutes. Again, I’m talking drops. I’ll save how I calculate nute quantities this small for another post. Which nutes I use will be another. In fact when I go to veg, I’ll start posting what and how much. It will defy your sensibilities how OCD I am. Lol


I totally agree with you about conflicting advice here and elsewhere. And it’s in every type of Grow, which is why I am reading here constantly through many topics. :grinning: Overall I think :thinking: you have found the KEY to any successful grow is “listening” to what your plants are telling you then adjust appropriately. :+1:


Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3
Set to hydro/coco/soil with 1 gal

Plant 4
Medium schedule

Yes, 1 brand per plant. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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Conflicting advise is the nature of the beast since every grower and plant is different what works for one may not work for the other the thing to always remember with advise is it is a suggestion based on factors and experience of person offering and person accepting advise. Many times theories differ from one person to the next that doesn’t make advise wrong just makes it a guess or suggestion based on info and a hope the person asking can sort what is best for them other times it can be a form of encouraging educated discussion :wink:
I do many things unorthodox but I try not to encourage people to try unless textbook just is not working for them it is a case of finding what works for you not for me or anyone else for that matter


Day 18

Seedling - Day 14

Last seedling day. Tomorrow I’ll make slight adjustments to nutes and knock the light down to 19/5. Away we go.

General Hydroponics

Nectar for the Gods

Heavy 16


Day 19

Veg - Day 1

Increased nutes a little. Still only a cup a day. Set 600w to 20/4 and raised it a couple chain links to see if I can get them to stretch just a little.


Day 20

Veg - Day 2

Took some measurements

1 - GH - 1-3/4” tall x 2-1/4” wide

2 - NftG - 2” tall x 3” wide

3 - Heavy 16 - 1-3/4” tall x 3-1/4” wide

4 - Mills - 2-1/2” tall x 3-1/2” wide

It’s still too early to definitively think anything of the 4 different nute lines, but the GH plant is seeming to be the runt and the Mills is seeming to be the star. Whole lotta grow left though. I’m just happy they’re all taking shape with new sets of leaves. If the GH is straggling too far behind when it’s time to scrog the tent, she may just stay in a tent all her own. Having 2 tents is good.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 I’m going to be hitting you up for scrog advice big time in the coming weeks. I’m pretty intimidated but also pretty determined. I think I’ve watched every video on the topic. As usual, lots of conflicting advice on what to do when. I have a little time, but I’m in planning mode. I was going to use pvc to build singular scrog a per plant, but I really like the idea of the simplicity of attaching net to the tent frame and calling it good. A lot of vids said start topping and training week 2 of veg. I look at my babies and can’t imagine them being ready for either next week. They’re so slow in the height department.

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