Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Yes you can use it as a day time smoke if you have a descent to high tolerance @bob31


@bonnie1 this is my journal, lots of reading but its a great read there are autos and photos logged here also some of my good and bad luck


Here is an update of the ilgm trainwreck

She only has to survive 9 more weeks 10 at latest



Very nice buddy


@Majiktoker Dude they look awesome
Train wreck one of my favorites
I’m going to order some up soon but I’m backing up on seeds lol will need a bigger grow room soon hahaha
Nice job brother hope all is well on your end my friend :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


Hey! @Majiktoker she is looking good brother :laughing: :grinning: :+1::ok_hand:,

So, you did not seems to be too much affected by Harvey ! ?

Hope that @Floridason and all Floridian will be OK !!!


Thanks man that’s only one plant lol. She smells and looks good though.

Thanks @Niala @Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971, its an easy strain to grow have other lady’s to update as well I have a sour amnesia (from dispensary) also have blue dream (also from dispensary) and have ilgm gold leaf as well as ilgm purple haze


Very nice I’m in the process of my new grow space for more flowering room even though I only have two going OG Kush and then amnesia haze auto scrog the og


I’m doing some Gold leaf right now as well @Majiktoker
I’ll tag you in brother
And I stand corrected buddy your plant looks great hahahha


Sweet please do, hows your super silver haze coming along brother


Is there such a thing as year round harvesting? Most are harvested in September. But I am just now wanting to plant. Is there anything that can be planted now and harvested early next year?


Maybe a photoperiod plant and depends where your at, of course there can be thing to be done to help keep a plant growing year round but overall environment and lights will be key to keeping them going


The weekly update chugging along quite well starting to see low temps at night. It was 52 this morning.

@Hogmaster I figured out the rally car I fried the instrument cluster


They’re looking good and healthy @Majiktoker :eyes::heart_eyes::+1::ok_hand:


Yeah buddy nice


Looking good @Majiktoker Still keeping an armed guard on the night shift?


Thanks @Niala yes she is, and thank you @Hogmaster

@bob31, you bet buddy for the last 2 months Ive only been sleeping 3 hours working 15 hours and there is family time in that along with 9 hours of watching house over night yea im still guarding lol yea though sadly I think this year is my last year growing outdoors because of it


Maybe a new fenced in grow area? @Majiktoker with motion sensor lights!


I thought about it @bob31 than it hit me and i dont want to be responsible for harming some one else so id rather just play it safe and stop growing outdoors